Philips lamp cup electronic transformer halogen spotlight control drive current 10W ballast 220 to 12V (1600636617804)

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Product Overview


1. Overload protection, such as vibration stop protection when the output power is greater than the rated value (such as improper use of high-power bulbs, etc.);


2. Short circuit protection: once the short circuit occurs, the vibration will be stopped (for example, the bulb has a quality problem or is not used properly). The short circuit will return to normal after being eliminated;


3. Overheating protection is a recoverable vibration stop protection when the ambient temperature is 60 ° C;


4. Instantaneous surge voltage impact protection shall comply with IEC regulations (when the power is turned on, the electronic transformer will generate large charging pulse current, if it is too large, the fuse or line will be burned, and it will be more serious when it is used in a large area);


5. Light can be adjusted;


6. Passed ICE1046 * * standard;


7. Meet FCC "A" standard;


8. Multi load terminal block, easy to install.

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