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Product Overview


Product Details

Basic Information

Model Number: HMHT0001
Other Name: monochloroacetic acid, chloroacetic acid
CAS accession number: 79-11-8
EINECS accession number: 201-178-4
Molecular Formula: CLCH2COOH
Molecular Weight: 94.5
Standard: HG/T3271-2000
Purity: 97.5% min.; 98% min.; 99% min
Boiling point: 189 ºC
water solubility: soluble
Density: 1.58 g/cm³

C2H3O2Cl is an organochlorine compound with the chemical name chloroacetic acid. Also known as monochloroacetic acid (MCA) or 2-chloroacetic acid. It is chloroacetic acid with a 2-chloro substituent. It acts as a herbicide and an alkylating agent. It is derived from acetic acid.

Product Introduction


1. Used as an excellent flame retardant for polyamide, replacing part of antimony trioxide in PVC, flame retardant and smoke elimination, good lubricity
2. The dye industry is used to produce indigo dye and the pesticide industry is used to manufacture dimethoate, herbicides, etc.
3. Chloroacetic acid is an organic chemical raw material, which is widely used in pesticide production.
4. For a wide range of organic synthesis raw materials. In the dye industry, it is used to produce indigo aminoacetic acid dyes; in the pharmaceutical industry, it is used to synthesize drugs and intermediates ; in the pesticide industry Production of herbicides 2,4-D, butyl ester, 2,4,5-T, thiocyanatoacetic acid, glyphosate, butachlor and insecticide dimethoate more than 20 kinds of pesticides; in the synthetic fiber industry for the production of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and non-ferrous metal flotation agent Z-200#, can also be used as a chromatographic analysis reagent, etc., can also be used in food additives, detergents , cold ironing essence and other products.

Product Parameters

Superior grade
First grade
Qualified grade
Monochloroacetic Acid (MCA)
99% min.
98% min.
97.5% min.
Dichloroacetic Acid (DCA)
0.5% max.
0.5% max.
0.8% max.
Acetic Acid (AA)
0.5% max.
0.5% max.
0.5% max.
Crystallization Point

Product Packing

About Us

Wuxi High Mountain Hi-tech Development Co., Ltd is a professional industrial company engaged in special chemical production, technology research & development, and import & export. The company focuses on the production, trade, and research & development of various chemical products.

Since establishment, the company has been concentrating on constructing an international marketing network and optimizing supply chain management, where we have established a long-term strategic cooperation relationship with numerous large enterprises at home and abroad. Relying on our wide business channels and professional experience, we are more skillfully providing products of stable but differentiated quality, along with flexible, highly efficient & considerate service to satisfy our partner at more competitive pricing.

Efficiently treating our customers as partners with sincerity, specialization and satisfaction is our managerial principle.
Attributed to the backup of a dedicated technical team, filled with wide and profound knowledge and practice in chemicals and world trade for 20 years, the company owns rich experience in product quality control, technical solution, chemical logistics organization, packaging optimization, port operation, etc., which accounts for its first-class cost control management and ensures to maintain the overwhelming competitive advantage over others. In line with the principle of sharing the preferential cost and joint development, the company has formed an interesting community for years with its customers at home and abroad. Sincerely to build up a pleasant mutual trust, cooperative, win-win, and value-added sustainable partnership is what we are achieving to grow together with you!


Our Service

Quality Assurance

Third party testing
Routine vendor audit, approval and annual evaluation
Complete traceability of all shipments
Sample retention of 1 year
Copliance with the international standard (USP,EP ,etc.)


We can offer a full range of supply chain services that bundle and integrate comprehensive services to meet your unique requirements. Count on us for innovative solutions tailored to your business needs.

Technical Support

Product application
New technologies
Quality management system
Regulatory affairs research & compliance
Investigation on product application
New product recommendation for R&D or formulation


A: What about product quality assurance policy?
Q: We accept pre-shipment test by SGS or any other third party agents.

A: How long have you been engaged in Chemicals?
Q: We have been engaged in Chemical exports since the year 1992.

A: What are your payment terms?
Q: We accept T/T,L/C,D/P and CAD, etc.

A: What is the delivery time?
Q: Usually about 7-15 days, depending on the required quantity and product.

A: What certifications do you have?
Q: ISO 9001, HALAL, KKDIK, REACH, etc.

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