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Product Overview


Product Description

* The most cost-effective antirust oil in the industry
B5101 multi-purpose general rustproof oil, on behalf of the international professional field of anticorrosion frontier science and technology level, known for its economy, high performance, multi-purpose, can meet the aerospace, shipbuilding, conventional weapons, metallurgy and chemical industry, metal light industry, transportation, electronics, civil and other fields of soft film anticorrosion needs.

The simulation test of oil and oil equipment test center of PLA General Rear confirmed that: This product has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt spray resistance, moisture resistance and atmospheric corrosion performance, and has excellent fresh water/sea water replacement ability, far exceeds the performance indicators required by the Chinese military standard GJB-3459-98, the national industry standard SH/T0354-92 and the United States military MIL-E-16173E standard, at the leading level at home and abroad. This product is applied to pipeline slotted head seal under the General Logistics Department of PLA. It has withstood the severe test of a variety of climate environments in the outdoor exposure test for three years, and further verified the super corrosion and rust resistance of the product.

In terms of economy of use, this product is also very competitive, although the film thickness of this product is only about 10 microns, but the anti-scratch ability is strong, lasting effect, but also makes the product consumption greatly reduced, each kilogram brushing area up to 30-40M2. In addition, the product has multi-purpose characteristics (users do not need to restock a variety of rust inhibitors), so that the user production/maintenance costs are greatly reduced. As a typical representative of military high-tech products to be used for both military and civil purposes, B5101 solvent film antirust oil compound will have broad development prospects.

Our Advantages

XXX famous brand
Salt Spray Test (45 # steel): 75h
Low temperature precipitation
It's more expensive
● Salt Spray Test (45 # steel): 480h
● Low temperature no precipitation
● The price is extremely low

Why Choose Us

Super anti rust performance
The quality indicators of the product substantially more than the national military standard, national standard, the United States military standard related requirements. In the most critical performance of antirust oil, the salt spray test time of 45# steel sheet is 480h, exceeding the industry standard (336H) 144h. Wet heat test 45# steel sheet up to 2520h, for the industry standard (720H) 3.5 times. Performance is not only far higher than the domestic similar products, but also better than the international high-end antirust oil. The product also has excellent fresh water/sea water displacement, fast dehydration/deperspiration, strong adhesion ability after film formation. Dehydration, cleaning and anti-corrosion treatment can be completed simultaneously in one process, which can greatly improve production efficiency and effectively control production costs for parts processing enterprises.

10 micron coating
The film thickness of the metal surface treated by this product is only 10 microns, far better than similar products at home and abroad (generally the minimum is more than 20-50 microns), and has high temperature (60℃) does not lose, drip, low temperature (-41℃) does not crack, fall off the special environmental adaptability. The ultrathin film formation feature makes the rust prevention and sealing parts can be directly assembled and used without removing the film when opening the seal. At the same time, the film thickness of 10 microns also makes the use of the product economy. Anti-rust oil of the same weight has a large increase in its coating area, up to 30-40m2 per kg, more than twice that of similar products (usually within 10-20m2).

Versatile and versatile features
At present, there are many kinds of anti-corrosion products on the market, but most of them are single function products, such as dehydration anti-rust oil, water-based anti-rust agent, cleaning anti-rust oil and so on. It is difficult for users to correctly identify and use all kinds of antirust oil, and the simultaneous use of a variety of antirust agents also leads to a substantial increase in the total inventory. This product has a variety of functions and performance of various types of anti-corrosive products, can basically replace most types of similar products. It makes the selection and management of anti-corrosive products more convenient, and the normal inventory is significantly reduced.

price advantage
Because corrosion - proof agent is industrial raw materials and daily consumables. Involved in the various links of industrial production, has a very wide range of applications, so the advantages and disadvantages of the price for the promotion of products is very important. This product not only has many advantages in function and performance, but also has an overwhelming competitive advantage in product price. According to market research, the product price is lower than the domestic with the performance of high-end products, relative to imported products are more prominent advantages.

Range Of Application

Long-term rust
¤ for long-term indoor and outdoor protection of non-ferrous metals, alloy parts and cast iron products. Especially suitable for protecting all kinds of spare parts during storage, such as engine parts, auto parts and machining, process surface rust prevention. After coating, the oil film dries quickly and has a transparent and bright texture. It can be used directly without any surface treatment when unsealed, effectively isolating acidic and other corrosive atmospheric environment. Especially suitable for outdoor storage in high humidity and coastal areas, the storage period is not less than 2 years, and the storage period is not less than 3-5 years.

rust prevention during manufacture
¤ ect for intermediate processing protection in machining, pickling, phosphating and electrochemical processing. It can quickly replace the water and leave a layer of ultra-thin oil protective layer, especially suitable for the protection of high precision processing parts without thick protective film, effective isolation between the process of acid and other corrosive atmospheric environment damage to the parts.
Long - acting salt spray and damp heat rust prevention
¤ It is suitable for rust protection of steel cables on ocean-going ships, container handling equipment in ports and offshore vessels. The PRODUCT HAS STRONG adhesion AND permeability, excellent salt spray resistance, moisture and heat resistance, can easily penetrate into the surface and core of the cable along the oil supply groove, and quickly form a firm protective film. The new extreme pressure anti-wear agent (without corrosive components) included in the product formulation can also greatly improve
the anti-wear performance of steel cables.

Rust removal and rust prevention
¤ for rust removal and anti-rust treatment of corroded equipment and components. This product has super adhesion and penetration properties to quickly soften the metal surface oxide, with the help of external forces can easily remove rust and complete rust treatment at the same time. After drying, the oil film and rust are transformed into a stable complex, which is firmly adhered to the metal surface and forms a protective sealing layer to prevent further corrosion of the metal.
Dehydration cleaning and rust prevention
¤ applicable to the cleaning and rust prevention of parts to be dehydrated before assembly. This PRODUCT HAS GOOD WATER DISPLACEMENT PERFORMANCE, CAN quickly REMOVE THE residual WATER on the metal surface at ROOM temperature, wash the surface grease and fingerprint, and replace into antirust oil film. Make the process difficulty and production cost obviously reduce.

Non conductive characteristic
¤ It is suitable for routine maintenance and maintenance of precision instruments, equipment, electronic components, circuit boards, connectors and other equipment and devices. The product itself has no electrical conductivity, does not change the resistance or electromagnetic properties of metal objects. Can safely protect low voltage circuits or relays from electrical conductivity changes. It can also be safely used in plastics, artificial rubber and other non-metallic materials.

Installation Instructions

Brush brush coating process
    Pressure spraying process of external air pump

Dip coating process
Coating technology of inner cavity of injection equipment

Pipeline injection/flow through the coating process
Injection/rotation/recovery process


test method
Brown liquid
visual inspection
Flash point (closed), ℃        
not lower than
Not more than           
GB/T 260
Low temperature adhesion
up to standard
up to standard
Oil base stability, ML
be not more than

Human perspiration displacement, 10#
up to standard
SH/T 0311
Oil film thickness, UM is    not greater than
Corrosion test, 168h
45# steel sheet,                                             not greater than
62# brass sheet, T3 or T4 copper sheet   not more than

SH/T 0080
Hot and humid test
45# steel sheet, grade 720h    not greater than
62# brass sheet, grade 720h   not greater than
T3 or T4 copper sheet, 720h    not greater than

0 h (2520)
0 h (1440)
0 h (1440)
GB/T 2361
The salt spray test,
45# steel sheet, grade 336H   not greater than
10# steel sheet, 168H grade   not greater than
62# brass sheet, 168H grade  not greater than
T3 copper sheet, 168H grade  not greater than

SH/T 0081

LYYD, registered in Daxing District, Beijing, China, is a well-known supplier of automotive maintenance (new) chemicals in the industry, serving more than 130 brand operators such as 3M in the United States in a business-to-business manner.

Products include: all kinds of fuel/lubricating oil additives, engine carbon cleaning agent, automotive aftertreatment system cleaning agent, automotive air conditioning cleaning fluid, automotive appearance cleaning agent, automotive beauty chemicals, etc.

The technology comes from LZLY (Beijing) Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Research Institute, a famous scientific research institution in the industry, which is the only market transformation party of its technological achievements.

Through technology transfer, LYYD will organize production and sales, and be responsible for user technical services.LYYD has two product blending production bases and one organic synthesis production base, located in Tianjin, Shandong and Anhui respectively. By purchasing raw materials and dispatching personnel, LYYD cooperates with factories to complete product production.In terms of technical services, we provide a full range of pre-sales, sales and after-sales services for brand operators.

Including: product selection, competition PK, use process, dilution and blending content, so that brand users can focus on marketing, at the same time in product quality in an advantageous position. Form highly "specialized division of labor" cooperation mode, obtain long-term, sustainable and stable competitive advantage.

Lingzhi Liaoyuan (Beijing) Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as Lingzhiyan) is located in Yizhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Beijing. At present, it is the only independent research and development institution of automobile maintenance chemicals in China, and has extensive influence in the industry. There are 6 R&D project groups under the research institute, mainly Carry out research and development of related products such as engine-free cleaning, oil additives, car cleaning and beauty, industrial and mining cleaning and protection, involving basic research, material synthesis, formula design and instrument development and other professional fields.

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