pregnancy rapid test device electronic High Precision Digital Pregnancy Test Kit With Pen

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Product Description

Digital hCG Early Pregnancy Test

When a woman gets pregnant, her body produces a homone called hCG ( human Chorionic Gonadotropin). The secretion of this hormone
by the developing placentabegins soon after conception and increases rapidly troughout the first trimester.
The Digital Early Pregnancy Test is intended for selfuse. It is a rapid, qualitative test for the determination of human hCG in
urine. With this test's high sensitivity,pregnancy can be determined as early as 5 days before you missed period.

Specifications and advantages:
- Early pregnancy test, 5 days before expected period.
- Self-use home test, woman can test at home.
 - Result displays on the screen as "YES+" or "NO-".
 - >99% accuracy at detecting the pregnancy hormone (HCG)
 - High sensitivity, up to 12.5mUI, make sure a reliable result.

Product Options

1. Digital Pregnancy HCG Test-Single Test
This is single digital hCG Pregnancy Test.
It could test 1 time.
2. Digital Pregnancy HCG Test-Double Test
This is (1 reader + 2 test sticks) / pack, the test stick is replacable, so the single pack could test 2 times.

Detailed Images

Parts for Single hCG Digital Test

Parts for Double hCG Digital Test

Test Result

"YES+" : positive result - pregnant

"NO-" : negative resule - not pregnant

" ? " : not valid, pls test again

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1. Q: What  moment of the day should I do the test?

      A: You may test at any time of the day or night.

2. Q: Will drinking alcohol or using an oral contraception affect my test result?

      A: Drinking alcohol will not affect your test results. Oral contraceptive, pain killers, antibiotics or 

        hormone therapies should not affect the test result.

        Only medicines which contain hCG ( hCG which are given by injection include: A.P.L., Pregnul and 

        Profasi)  or hMG (human Menopausal Gonadotropin) can produce a false result.

3. Q: Will the amount of liquid I drink affect the result?

      A: Excessive fluid intake could dilute your urine, causing the amount of hCG present not to be 

        detected properly. It is therefore not advisable to change your normal fluid consumption.

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