solar air heater with fan air heating solar panel air heater

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Product Overview



Product Feature

1. Integral air duct: adopts integrally formed rib air duct design, the air duct structure is high in strength, which can make the collector,It runs smoothly at high wind speeds; the fin structure increases the contact area between the heat absorbing body and the air,and the heat exchange efficiency is high.
2. Overall heat preservation: the heat preservation material and the back plate are compounded as a whole, the structure of the collector is strong, and the heat loss is relatively high.Ordinary collectors are 20% lower.
3. Quick installation: the quick connection structure makes the connection time of the collector less than 3 minutes.
4. Ultra-low wind resistance: 5 to 10 collectors can be connected in series.

Products Description

Air duct
Air duct material
Black film heat-absorbing plate
Air duct height
26 mm
Air duct width
107 mm
Air duct number
Processing methods
Whole plate forming
Dimensions (width×height×thickness)
2470×945×80 mm
Frame material
High-precision aluminum profile 6063-T5
Frame surface treatment
Spray black
Assembly method
Corner code connection
Transition duct
Transition duct size
945×274×80 mm
Wind nozzle material
Galvanized sheet baking varnish
Wind nozzle size
Φ150 mm
Connection method
Butterfly fast loading structure
Bottom insulation
Foam composite insulation board/20 mm
Side insulation
Polyester cotton/20 mm
Recommended installation angle
Latitude of installation
Recommended installation distance
≥1.5 m
Overall performance
Outline area
2.33 m2
aperture area
2.17 m2
Strength test
No damage

Products Advantages

1. Good heat preservation: patented heat preservation technology, heat loss is 20% lower than ordinary collectors.
2. High efficiency: The unique fin duct structure improves the heat exchange efficiency of the collector.
3. To heat up quickly: heat the air directly, and transmit warmth quickly.
4. Fast installation: 2 people construct, quickly connect the collector in 3 minutes.
5. The photothermal conversion efficiency of the system is more than 80%, maintenance-free, safe and reliable
6. Resistance to high temperature, cold, high altitude, no frozen plugging leakage, no worries, can be used for more than 50 years.
7. Combined with air source heat pump into a coupled heating system, can improve the COP of air source heat pump in cold regions.

8. Support OEM customization.

Product Picture


Project Case

Flat Plate Air Solar Collector Heating System
Flat plate air collector uses "air" instead of liquid working medium as heat transfer medium, heats the air with the heat absorbed
by the heat absorption plate naturally/ compulsorily circulates the hot air to the hot end, which can be used for heating directly or indirectly through the heat exchanger. Low temperature operation, high efficiency, low heat loss. Economical and practical, long service life.

Vacuum Tube Air Solar Collector Heating System
The working process is that the sunlight heats the heat collecting core by using the vacuum tube, and the heat is transferred to the cooling fin through the heat collecting core, and the air flows in the box body to take away the heat on the surface of the fin, thus heating the air. The utility model has simple structure and manufacturing process, mature and reliable technology, low cost, and can be used for large-scale integration.

Flat Panel Solar Water Heating System
Blue film heat absorption plate, strong heat gain; modular design, suitable for engineering series and parallel use; glass adopts float toughened safety glass, with strong versatility;
parts with strong versatility, easy maintenance

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