GM 100 ядерного излучения детектор мрамор детекторы бета гамма X ray тестер Гейгер поставка малый размер Портативный счетчик Гейгера (1600644403662)

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GM-100 personal radium radiation dosimeter Hard beta rays gamma rays and X-rays  for personal safety protection

GM-100 personal dosimeter
1. With the wide application of radiation equipment in nuclear power, X-ray equipment, and medical radiology, the requirements of radiation protection have received more and more attention. Citterson is committed to radiation detection and monitoring, and introduced personal radiation doses for personal safety protection. The meter GM-100 adopts the all-metal GM counter imported from Russia. The sensor has the characteristics of long life, stable data and good consistency. It is also used by many European and American companies to develop radiation detection instruments such as personal dosimeters. The GM-100 personal dosimeter of CITSON brand can quickly detect the hard β, γ and X-rays in the environment or products in real time, and quickly find the radioactive source. The alarm thresholds and dose modes that can be set by the instrument are more suitable for various radiation protection fields such as medical protection, nuclear power plants, X-ray machines, and radiation leakage.

2. Purpose:
1. Integration of personal dosimeter and radiation monitoring device
2. Monitoring of medical radiation protection
3. Monitoring and application of nuclear waste
4. Leakage inspection of X-ray equipment
5. Transportation protection of radioactive sources such as neutrons
6. Measurement and early warning of other radioactive substances
7. Support the customization and development of counter tubes of different specifications

3. Technical indicators:
1. Types of measuring rays: hard beta rays, gamma rays and X-rays
2. Detector type: metal Geiger counter (imported from Russia)
3. Detector life: 2X1010
4. Measuring range: 0.15uSv/h~36000uSv/h,
5. Peak range: 0.1~1000 mR / sec
6. Measurement accuracy: ±15% +6/p
7. Energy response range:
Gamma γ: 0.1~1.25Mev
Beta: 0.25~3.5Mev
X-ray: 0.03~3.0Mev
8. Alarm value: you can set the alarm value by yourself
9. Alarm mode: sound and vibration
10. Language: Chinese and English menu
11. Measuring unit: uSv/h, mR/h
12. Cumulative time: 1-9999 minutes can be set
13. Cumulative dose: automatic accumulation, can be reset manually
14. Maximum value retention: automatically maintain the maximum value
15. Curve observation: the curve chart in the last 1 hour
16. Measurement mode: fast and smooth mode two
17. Working temperature: -30℃~60℃
18. Working humidity: 5%-95%RH (non-condensing)
19. Power supply: 1 AA dry battery.
20. Certification: CMA and CNAS certification test reports, CE certification

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