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Medical Oxygen Generator






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How PSA Oxygen Generator Work

      HYT-CPO PSA oxygen generator provides dependable oxygen supply to meet middle and small amount oxygen on-site requirements.
      PSA oxygen generator usually adopts two adsorption towers, which are filled with the Zeolite Molecular Sieve(ZMS). ZMS has many tiny holes, under certain pressure, the tiny holes have different adsorption capacity to nitrogen and oxygen. When one tower adsorbs nitrogen and produces oxygen, the other desorbs nitrogen and makes regeneration. This alternate process constantly produces oxygen.

Model & Parameters-Compiete Table

ModelOxygen Purity(Volume Fraction)/10²Oxygen Capacity(Nm³/min)Air Consumption(M³/min)Suitable Scale(Bed/pec)Power(KVA)
MPS93-10≥9010 1.5200~400  12.0
MPS93-20≥9020 3.0 400~600 23.5
MPS93-30≥9030 4.5 600~900 32.0
MPD93-30≥9030*2 4.5*2 600~1800 64.0
MPS93-40≥90 406.0  900~1200 39.5
MPD93-40≥90 40*26.0*2  900~2400 79.0
MPS93-60≥90 609.0  1400~1800 58.0
MPS93-80≥9080 12.0  1800~2400 78.0
MPS93-120≥90120 18.0  2400~3600115.0 


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Q: What the oxygen purity of this machine can be achieved?

    This is our high purity model,it is can be produce 99%~99.7% oxygen purity.



Q: The more information you kindly tell us,the better professional service we provide for you !

           a. What is the gas source you currently use?(cylinder/dewar/liquid gas/other)

            b. Gas consumption?(Nm3/h,L/min)

            c. Required gas pressure?

            d. Required gas quality?(eg:Maximum oxygen percentage, Maximum moisture content, etc)


Q: Oxygen equipment is safety?

    Definitely!Nitrogen/Oxygen generator is a kind of air separation device under normal temperature, it can supply stable and continuous nitrogen/oxygen gas, it doesnt need any high-pressure cylinders and liquid cylinders which have potentially dangerous; so we dont need

to worry about no-timely supply due to special circumstance.


Q: The producing nitrogen/oxygen is gaseous state or liquid state?

   Our nitrogen/oxygen equipment use PSA air separation technology under normal temperature,with no-low temperature operation,the temperature of nitrogen/oxygen product is close to ambient temperature.


Q: How long is the nitrogen/oxygen equipment service life?

 Generally speaking,industrial equipment service life is depend on daily maintenance. under normal maintenance,our equipment can well running for more than 10 years.


 Q: How is the maintenance time of oxygen equipment?

   For Air purification module: the primary filters need to replace after 4000h normal operation; precision,extra-precision filters need to replace after 8000h,12000h normal operation; valve seal seal for 16000h;other filters depend on actual operation.

  Our HYT team will design and customized relate technical project and provide the suitable selection and quotation for you in time.







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