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Nutritionists, trainers and athletes understand that fitness is much more than how you look and how much you weigh. Quantify where the muscle is going. See if the weight loss is from fat burning or a lack of hydration. Track where progress is being made and where efforts need to be focused. The fitness community is demanding accurate tools and data to meet the growing demand, and SONKA is proud to introduce the SK-X90 Body Composition Analyzer, designed to help professionals improve program quality and progress analysis.

The X90 provides the relevant measurements and data you need to take your program to the next level. With multiple measurement frequencies and sophisticated algorithms, SONKA backs up our devices with clinical trials and over 10 years of original peer-reviewed scientific research for results you can trust.

Products Description

What's the Main Features on This X90?

BIA Body Composition Analyzer with higher accuracy 10Ohm.CE Approved.

Medical EMC(YY0505-2012 )->Safe and no Radiation.
Can compatiable A4 printer, don't connect the printer via computer anymore.

This is a professional BIA body composition analysis model with 8 Electrodes 3D scanner, it includes functions:

No Estimations:Only impedance is used to calculate your results, no sttistical data needed

35 Seconds: Take a quick and easy body composition body water test.

Lean Mass: Body Segment in pounds.

Body Fat:Provides segmental fat and visceral fat analysis

Body Water:Full-page results sheet on solely

History:Track your progress with the body sompostion and body water history charts

Segmental Data:Provide segmental ICW,ECWand ECW/TBW values.

Research:Provides leg lean mass,phase angle,reactance,TBW/LBW

What is the Benifit for the SONKA SK-X90 BIA Analyzer?
Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) can analyze body composition by detecting bioelectrical impedance by placing electrodes on the surface of the body and obtaining relevant physiological information. BIA is a relatively convenient, fast, non-invasive and accurate measurement method.

What is the SONKA X90 of 8 Electrodes Scan Method?
The eight-electrode measurement adds four electrodes on the handle. By contacting the eight electrodes on the scale surface and the handle respectively, the human body bioimpedance of a total of 6 circuits between hands and feet can be measured, which can distinguish body parts and give fine fat, Body data such as skeletal muscles

What's the Advantages of SONKA SK-X90 8-Electrode Measurement?
The eight-electrode measurement method can measure body fat, skeletal muscle and other data in sections, and can more clearly understand the distribution of body fat and skeletal muscle, and obtain more detailed and comprehensive body data.

Moreover, compared to the four-electrode measurement, the eight-electrode can truly measure the body data of the whole body, and the overall index results such as body fat rate and skeletal muscle are also closer to the actual level of the human body.

->Kindly note:This SK-X90 Model excludes the IC Card function (or QR Code),Height Scale&body composition scale,if you want more functions please see SK-X9L here.
New USA body 3D Scanner Segmental Body Composition Analyzer 8-Electrode Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
New In USA body 770 body composition analyzer measure body fat muscle water best professional body composition scale accuracy


New USA Inbody 3D Scanner Tanita Segmental Body Composition Analyzer Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
Test Method
Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis(MFBIA)
Measurement Duration
Less than 45 seconds
Model Number
320*240 STN LCD Touching Screen
Input power: AC100~240V, 50/60HZ
Operation Environment
Temperature: 10~40°C(50~1040°F)
Humidity: 30~80%RH, 500-600HPa
Data Storage 
120,000 Measurements
Product name
Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
Gym/Hospital/Health Center/Clinic/Pharmacy
Body Analysis
CE ISO9001 ISO13485
Test Age
10-99years old
20KHZ, 50KHZ,100KHZ
Electrode Method
8 Eletrodes
Rated Current
Less than 180uA
Body Composition Analysis
Intracellular Water, Extracellular Water, Total Body Water, Protein, Minerals, Body Fat Mass, Soft Lean Mass, Fat-Free Mass,Weight
Muscle-Weight Analysis
Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Body Fat Mass
Obesity Analysis
Percent Body Fat, Body Mass Index, Visceral Fat Level
Segmental Analysis
Lean Mass, Fat Mass (Right Arm, Left Arm, Trunk, Right Leg, Left Leg)
Body Type Analysis
Utilizes BMI and Percent Body Fat
Body Balance Evaluation
Analysis of balance between Upper, Lower, and Upper-Lower body segments.
Body Composition History
Weight, Fat-Free Mass, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Percent Body Fat (Last 8 results)

Packing & Delivery

To be wooden case or carton package based on quantities

Company Profile

Sonka Medical, a certified National High Technology Enterprise and First Seat of Member of China Medical Pharmaceutical Material Association, whose headquarter with R&D center and Factory is located in Shenzhen and branch offices across majority cities of China, in past years Sonka has already setup a complete system of Design, R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing, Service network.

SONKA Medical specializes in Health checkup solutions, especially for chronic diseases diagnose, which could be widely applied in hospitals, clinic, country side hospitals, gerocomium, health care centers, military army etc.

SONKA has certificates of EC, CFDA, ISO13485, ISO9001, with more than 30 proprietary technologies, Medical Device Registration of CFDA, Medical Equipment Production License.

Hospital Application& Feedbacks

Customer feedback

SONKA Features Advantages

1) Body Composition Analysis
Reliable, non-invasive bioelectrical impedance analysis makes it easier to monitor body composition on a regular basis. Calculated estimated weights of body composition elements can be compared to standard results for situational awareness.

(2) Muscle-fat analysis
Measuring weight is important, but would not be complete without further analysis of the amount of muscle and fat in the client. Knowing the ratio of skeletal muscle to body fat can help trainers develop muscle and fat control recommendations.

(3) Obesity Analysis
SK-X90 classifies body fat ranges into common underfat, athlete, normal, overfat and obese people. With more accurate ranges, fat control goals and progress can be tracked more accurately. Visceral fat levels correlate with abdominal visceral fat area and can be used as an indicator of obesity-related disease risk.

(4) Segmentation analysis
More accurate measurement of muscle and fat through segmentation analysis of the trunk, upper body and lower body. Identify imbalances and determine if segmental muscles are within the normal range and track changes to better observe the effects of rehabilitation or training.

(5) Body Type Analysis
The Body Type Analysis chart combines BMI and body fat percentage to determine the subject's body type. Using this clear and simple chart, the changes in body composition required to achieve an ideal body shape can be clearly determined.

(6) Muscle Mass
Track changes in mass, not just quantity! In older populations, muscle strength may decline much more rapidly than muscle mass. By assessing muscle effectiveness through cellular estimates of grip health, professionals now have a more useful indicator that can provide early warning of fall risk.

(7) Body Composition History
By selecting the same user ID prior to measurement, changes in body composition (weight, fat-free mass, skeletal muscle mass and body fat percentage) can be automatically tracked.

(8) Fitness Parameters
The SK-X90 provides a variety of body composition output parameters specifically related to fitness, including various indices that serve as early warning signs of malnutrition and sarcopenia. The phase angle is used to assess cellular health and analyze health status in more detail.

(9) Health scores
The results table provides normal ranges for various outputs, as well as an overall health score that takes into account various combinations of results.

(10) Control Guide
The recommended amount of muscle and fat control to achieve a desired healthy body shape. This can be used as a general reference for the "standard" body type, although of course your users may choose to use their own goals and calculations instead.

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