Good Quality Heat Resistance TPE Rubber Granules for Sports Field Infilling

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Product Overview


Product Description

Product Name
New EPDM Rubber Granules kids Playground EPDM rubber granule
0.5-2MM, 1-3MM, 2-4MM
Red, green, yellow, etc over 30 colors
Use quantity
1kg/m2 per mm thickness
25kg/bag, 1000kg/pallet, 20ton/20ft container
Delivery time
7-10 days
Running track, jogging track, school playground
Sports courts like basketball court, tennis court, etc
Children's playground, kindergarten, play area
Infill artificial grass, community, fitness centers, outdoor sport courts
Park, sidewalk, overbridge, etc
Recyclable, long use life
Anti-slip, anti-static, wear resistant
Good fleixbility, shock resistance
Rich color choice, UV resistance, Aging resistance

EPDM rubber Granules are widely used in
a: Running Track Surface; b: Stylish Playground;
c: Artificial Grass Infill;
d: Safe Playground;
e: Swimming Pool Deck;
f: Multi-function Sports Field;
g: Multicolor Sidewalk h: Anti-fatigue Deceleration Zone;

EPDM rubber granules are used in site construction steps
installation steps:
1. Clean the site and keep it clean
2. Evenly paint the site with a special environmental protection primer roller
3. Stir the particles and glue evenly at a ratio of 5:1
4. Spread the evenly stirred particles to a little thicker on the site
5. Use cement trowel to flatten and compact the particles

Why Choose Us?
1. We have peroxide curing and sulfur curing systems Sulfur curing system: The price is cheaper, and it’s environmental-friendly.Peroxide curing system: More environmental-friendly, and the color fastness is better, high stability, better anti-UV, anti-aging,hardness, and strength.
2. We have a factory advantage. We use the most advanced microwave vulcanization drying path, 280℃ high stability drying path, and microwave heating in the vulcanization process. Generally, the production temperature is about 250 ℃.There are many hot air chambers in the drying channel to rotate and heat the rubber sheet evenly. It makes the performance of the
EPDM granules more stable and the process safer and environmentally friendly.

3. We can achieve achromatism. Through the automatic production method, it is possible to eliminate the error that is easily generated by labor. With the same batch of raw materials
and pigments, the production of colorless EPDM granules with the same batch of raw materials can be realized.

4.Safety and environmental protection At present, the Chinese EPDM production standard is the most stringent in the world. The EPDM granules produced by us are in full compliance with the national standard and are fully applicable to the construction of various sites,including kindergartens, swimming pools, and other places, and will not cause harm to health.

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