Portable Vacuum Mini Freezer Drying Machine Cosmetics Freezing Equipment Tabletop Laboratory Bell Low Temperature Freezer Maker

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Product Description

Laboratory Vacuum Freeze Dryer Standard Type Mini Lyophilizer

Freeze Drying Machine brief introduction:
1.Microprocessor controls.
2.3 Liters in 24 hours ice capacity.
3.Internal condenser coil-304 or 316 stainless steel.
4.-55C or -80C condenser lowest temperature.
5.304 or 316 stainless construction.
6.CFC-free refrigeration.(optional for customer's request refrigeration:R507,R410A,etc.)
7.Heating element to defrost avaliable for optional.
8.Transparent Acrylic Drum drying chamber for user to observe the drying process.

RLA-10N (Desktop)
No-load temperature
<-55°C,<-80°C optional
<-55°C,<-80°C optional
<-55°C,<-80°C optional
No-load freeze area
Plate load materials
Ability to capture water
610 x 395 x 370+420(drum) mm
800 × 515 × (725 +420 drum) mm
830 x 532 x 900+420(drum)
Material Tray Specifications
Φ200mm four-layered(common)
Φ200mm three-layered(with cover)
Φ200mm four-layered 70mm(common)
Φ200mm six-layered 50mm(common)
Φ200mm three-layered(with cover)
Φ240mm four-layered 70mm(common)
Φ240mm six-layered 50mm(common)
Φ200mm three-layered(with coverd)
Consuming wattage
220V 50HZ /110V 60Hz
220V 50HZ /110V 60Hz
220V 50HZ /110V 60Hz

More Details

China Laboratory Home Vacuum Small Bench Top Freeze Dryer

Laboratory industrial vacuum freeze dryer can Real-time display and record of vacuum degree, cold trap temperature, material temperature and formation of freeze-drying curve, continuous recording of material and equipment condition data

1.Parameters include vacuum,
2.condenser temperature
3.run time
4.ambient temperature
For water based samples, the -55C condenser is the perfect choice with effective cost.
For samples containing solvents or with low eutectic points, the -80 C condenser provides maximum performance.
For labs that need quick turn-around, Heating element to defrost available.

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China Factory Floor Freeze Dryer Lab Vacuum Freeze Dryer

We are based in Henan, China.Our company specializes in Freeze Dryer machine and has more than ten years of production and export experience.We dedicating to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction.


Fruit Vegetable Commercial Lyophilizer Freeze Dryer Vacuum Freeze Drying Machine

1. who are we?
We are based in Henan, China.Our company specializes in Freeze Dryer machine and has more than ten years of production and export experience.
2. how can we guarantee quality?
Our company has a professional quality inspection team that supports factory video inspection
3.what can you buy from us?
Freeze Dryer machine, Hrad ice cream machine, Fried Ice Cream Machine, Food Trailer,Well Drilling Machine,Fish Pellet Machine,Coffee Bike,etc.
4. What are the benefits of using a freeze dried machineto dry food?
The use of freeze dryers to dehydrate food can reduce the weight and volume of raw materials, facilitate transportation and reduce packaging costs.
5.How to preserve the nutrients in food when using a freeze dryer machine?
The use of a freeze dryer can preserve the color, taste, and fragrance of food to the maximum, and the loss of various aromatic substances can be reduced to the minimum. Freeze drying is better for protein-containing foods than ordinary cryopreservation..

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