High Speed 500ml 2000ml Pet Bottle Auto Liquid Oil Sunflower Filling Capping And Labelling Machine

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Product Overview


Zhangjiagang King Machine Co.,Ltd
Zhangjiagang King Machine Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of beverage machinery in China.Our main products have: Water filling production line, juice filling production line, carbonated drinks production line, and also aerosol filling machine, 5 Gallon bottle filling production line, and all other auxiliary equipment. Our engineers are located all over the world and can provide safe and fast service to your beverage production solutions in your country.

Products Description

Linear Type Oil Filling Machine.
High Speed 500ml-2000ml Pet Bottle Auto Liquid Oil Sunflower Filling Capping And Labelling Machine
1 - Enhanced food safety: Stainless steel 304/316L for all components in contact with your beverage
2 - Optimum uptime: 30 % reduction in changeover and maintenance downtime
3 - Sustainable solution: Reduced filler enclosure and servomotors reduce resource consumption
4 - Hygiene improvement through volume control and contactless filling
5 - Automatic dummy bottles: Safer, easier cleaning procedures
6 - Automatic bottle changeover improves uptime

Rotary Type Oil Filling Machine.
1 - Filling System: Mechanical valve, volumetric valve, flowmeter valve and weighing valve.
2 - All materials in contact with product are of 316L stainless steel and the seals are made of food grade materials.
3 - The filling valve is competent for high speeding filling without liquid drawing.
4 - The filling precision is high.
5 - The screw arbor is used for bottle separation. The bottle bottom is hold all the way to reduce the replacement of changeover parts. The changeover parts are of quick-change structure to reduce the time for replacement.

Equipment Type

Bottle Type
PET / PE / PP / Glass / Metal
Volume 0.2 - 6 L
Bottle Shape : Round / Square / Unique Shape
up to 5,000 bph
Your product
Edible oil and Industrial oil etc.
CE / SGS / ISO 9001

Product Paramenters

Containers and Specifications
Project Name:
Full-automatic Oil Liquid Filling Machine
Oil and Fat Products /
Daily Chemicals /
Corrosive Liquid
Bottle Material
Bottle Shape
Filling Range
Filling level
PET / PP / PE / Glass / Metal
Round / Square
/ Unique Shape
As request
Distance from
bottle neck
According request
Filling Valve
Each filling valve is controled by servo motor ,realizing segmented high-and low-speed control ; vacuum resorption devices without
Cap closing
applicability for both crowning and capping, mechanical instant sealing or servo­controlled sealing
Bottle components
rapid replacement without tools, such as star wheels for bottle infeed and outfeed, and bottleneck clamps
Filling precision
limit deviation: ±2-3g standard deviation: 1.5
User Ambient Conditions
Temperature:10~40℃;Humidity:No dew
User Electrical Supply Specification
Voltage:380V±5%, 3phase; Frequency:50HZ±1%

Product Details

Commonly used oil filling valve.
1/Widely used in filling machinery.especially suitable for fining vis cous material.
2/Fast filling speed. precision and stability
3/Delicate and small. easy ror arrangement or pipe arrangement
4/Speclal seal design at the bottom of the filling nozzle, filling without dripping.
5/Chamfering structure on the bottom of filling head.with ofientati on effect and submersible filling.

Special oll filltng machine - piston cylinder.
As shown in the picture, a new cylinder liner in the pis ton bottom will be much more flexible than the unable disassembled and washed traditional cylinder, You can use touch screen to separate piston and cylinder liner, inorder to easier cleaning for residual materials. easy choose different mode for different materlal.

Twisting Capping Machine.
This machine is suitable for glass bottle and plastic bottle ,screw/thread caps twisting ,it can used in a wide range of
bottles(with differen top diameter ), by adjust the machines but not change parts. Also, the speed is quicker than disc capper.

Advantage : for different size bottles and caps, it do not need to change any part. The machine can be adjust from right & left, up and down, very convenience.

Automatic Double Side labeling machine.
1/Adopt mature PLC control technology, make the machine stable and high-speed
2/Can be suitable for square /round/oval flat bottles at the same time
3/Use touch screen control system, make operation simple, practical and efficient
4/Screw adjust the suppression mechanism, high accuracy
5/Tranparent label sensor is for optional
6/Can be customized according to your requirement

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About King Machine

About King Machine
1 / Standardized workshop of total 20,000 square meters.
2 / The equipment will be tested and run for 24 hours before leaving the factory, to ensure the smooth working of water pipeline,and pneumatic, electrical and mechnical stability.
3 / Sufficient stock of spare parts ensures the timely delivery and supply of spare parts.

King Machine Factory
<1> Standardized workshop of total 20000 square meters.
Different types of processing units, such as water jet cutter, plasma cutter, laser cutter, CNC machine from Taiwan chevalier &Korea Daewoo, ensure the precision of parts.
<2>The equipment will be tested and run for 24 hours before leaving the factory, to ensure the smooth working of water pipeline, and pneumatic, electrical and mechanical stability.
<3>Sufficient stock of spare parts ensures the timely delivery and supply of spare parts.
<4>Engineers are experienced. We can produce different products with different capacity and work out reasonable flow chart as per customers’ requirements to save space.
<5>Professional installation team who can speak fluent English can help customers make benefits in a shortest time.

Certificate &Patent

International certification, National Certificate of equipment verification, and more than 30 invention patents are done in King machine .
Verification Certificates of equipments:
ISO9001:2001; CE Certificate , SGS , COC , TUV
National Certificate of equipment verification:standard organisation of Nigeria , CNCA certificate, Logo trademark

King Machine Serivce

*7/24 Online Service::Machine running video / Watch our factory online / More service contact us
*Sucessful Beverage Plant::Supply a running beverage line in your country , you can see machine runing directly.
*Installation / Debug / Training:
1 - We will arrange seasoned technician for equipments installation, debug and test production.
2 - Our company offers technology training to the customer in his factory.
3 - We promise that our goods are all new and not used.

*After-sales Service:
1 - After checking, we offer 12 months as a quality guarantee, free offer wearing parts and offer other parts at the lowest price.
2 - If you could not solve the problems, we will arrange a technician to your factory solving the problems.
3 - After quality guarantee, we offer technical support and after-sales service.

Customers Feedback

King Machine is a professional manufacturer of beverage machinery in China.With the scientific progressive conception of rapid introduction, we make our machinery cover all over the overseas market. We have been producing our goods with mature techniques and first-class quality. We warmly welcome customers all over the world to visit our manufacture.

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● Search Alibaba, Made in China, Google, Youtube and find suppliers and manufactrue and not traders
● Visit exhibition in different countries
● Send King Machine an request and tell your basic inquiry
● King Machine sales manager will reply you in short time and add instant chatting tool


● If we can fullfill your request and you interested in our products, you may pay a visit to King Machine site
● The meaning of visiting supplier, because seeing is believing, King Machine with own manufacture and developed& research team,we
can send you engineers and make sure your after sales service.

● Through Alibaba letter guarantee service, it will ensure the on time delivery and the quality of the equipment you want to buy.
● By letter of credit, you can lock the delivery time easily.
● After the factory visit, You can ensure the facticity of our bank account.

● In order to ensure the accuracy of each part, we are equipped with a variety of professional processing equipment and we have
accumulated professional processing methods over the past years.
● Each component before assembly needs strictly control by inspecting personnel.
● Each assembly is in charged by a master who has working experience for more than 5 years
●After all the equipment are completed, we will connect all the machines and run the full production line for at least 12 hours to
ensure the stable running in customers' factory

● After finish the production, we will debug the production line, take photos, videos and send them to customers via mail or
instant tools
● After the commissioning, we will package the equipment by standard export package for shipment.
● According to the customer's request, we can arrange our engineers to customers' factory to do the installation and training.
● Engineers, sales managers and after-sales service manager will form a after-sales team, online and off line, to follow the
customers' project.

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