High quality outdoor indoor hydraulic mini residential elevators small home lift price for sale (1600651367283)

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Product Overview


Home elevator lifts is a type of lift specifically designed for private homes, where the design takes into consideration the following four factors:

1. Compact design in view of the limitations of space in a private residence,usage of the lift restricted primarily to the residents of the private homes,

2. Multiple protections, full-stroke anti-falling system, emergency descent device, anti-overload device, safety touch panel and other protective measures,

3. Special facilities to meet the needs of elderly and handicapped persons, including wheelchair users,

4. Quiet, smooth, jerk-free movement of the lift and Controls to have ease of operation.

Home lifts are compact lifts for 2 to 4 persons. Unlike hydraulic lifts or traditional "gear and counterweight" operated elevators, a home lift doesn't require additional space for machine room, over head, or pit, making it more suitable for domestic and private use.Often, maintenance costs are also lower than a more conventional lift.

Indoor installations

The WEMET home elevator can be installed anywhere in the interior with a simple fixed point, and it is also applicable in theduplex building of a high-rise building because there is no need for pit design and no need for the height of the top floor.For building Spaces where the top floor is not high enough, semi-high doors can also be customized.

Outdoor installation

The WEMET household elevator not only supports indoor installation, but also can choose the special rain protection and corrosion protection for outdoor installation, which is beautiful, practical and economical.Transformation is convenient and simple, no reserved well road villa and double entry can choose outdoor installation.

Installation in the hoistway

Although the home elevator has its own hoistway structure, it is also applicable to customers' existing elevator shafts with three brick walls. The hoistway material can be different panels and different materials (glass and painted steel), customized colors to match the home decoration style

Installation at floor opening

WEMET family elevator is undoubtedly the most suitable product for indoor families who want to install the elevator but have no suitable space. The elevator can be installed here only by cutting the hole of the floor slab of about 1 square meter. Attic connection transformation or narrow space can choose this installation mode.

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