Factory Direct Supply 10mm Hydrophobic Silica Aerogel Insulation Sheet For Construction/Building Thermal Insulation Pipeline

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Product Overview



AEROGEL BLANKET is a high performance insulation blanket composed of silica aerogel, which is the lowest thermal conductor in the world, and non woven glass fiber batting blanket, suitable for the industrial applications with a temperature range between -50℃ to +650℃; it’s also suitable for building & construction sector.

Being super low thermal conductive, hydrophobic yet vapor permeable, compression resistant and resilient, inorganic and inflammable profile, easy processing with reduced volume, and environmentally safe. AEROGEL BLANKET is the state-of-art product which is the perfect choice for those in need of the best insulation performance with minimum thickness while achieving minimum energy consumption. It is suitable for the insulation of pipes, tanks, containers and other industrial applications for the thermal protection and fireproofing.

Product Paramenters
1500mm or customied
Suggested Working
150-250kg/m³ or customized
Shrinkage Temp Under Pressure
GB/T 11835
Compressive Property
@10% 100KPa
GB/T 13480
@20% 200KPa
Fire Rating
GB/T 8624
99 .5%
GB/T 10299
Thermal Conductivity
25℃ 0.020
GB/T 10295
Technical index
Linear expansivity
Dimensional stability(max)
Test method
GB/T 8811-2008
Compressive property
Test method
GB/T 13480-2014
Burning behavior class
Test method
The smoke performance level
Test method
Drip content level
Smoke toxicity of the FED's value,max
Corrosion resistance
Test method
GB/T 3810.1-2006
Hydrophobicity ,%
Test method

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• Hydrophobic and breathable, resists liquid water and avoids the damaging effects of wet insulation
• Up to five-times better thermal performance versus competing materials
• Faster application rates, especially on large-bore pipes and vessels
• Tough enough to maintain thermal performance even after compression events
• Versatile format can be cut to fit any piece of piping or equipment
• Reduced logistics costs relative to rigid insulation—lower scrap, transport costs, and man hours on project and turnaround work
• Durable format permits pre-insulation and reuse


Our EPE Manufacturing


Introduction video of our company


*Founded in 2016,equipped with sophisticated machineries enabling us to meet the immediate requirements of our customers, as well as bulk orders.

*Professional partners who correctly advise you, deliver quickly, work meticulously and guarantee perfect service.
*We are one of the leaders in the insulation industry.Annual sales
reached 10 million US dollars.

*Since 2016, we have produced 5000000 square meters of thermal insulation products.
*Professional architects and technical departments, ensure the best results of your project.

*Our products have passed SGS, CTI and other international testing institutions' tests, all conform with the ROHS environmental standards.


Why Choose QIYAO?

QIYAO has grown to become a diversified manufacturing and distribution company with sales and distribution centres across China. We sell into four distinct market sectors, building roof waterproof material and aluminum foil reflective materials, application of thermal insulation moisture-proof material, steel structure roof joint insulation material and composite panels, cold chain logistics system or bags of plastic raw materials and insulation cover accessories etc.

Over 3000 products are sold to over 5000 customers around the world. We pride ourselves on our high product quality, short lead times and the highest levels of customer service.We have a special technical department to support product development and quality control.

Our factory locate at Hangzhou, China, equipped with high speed automatic laminating machine, foam and hot sealing machines line, guarantee high production capacity and strict quality control.

If you opt for QIAYO, you´re choosing not only for the technical performance of our products, but also for an interlocutor who looks together with you for the right solution for your project.

The road ahead will be long and our climb will be steep. However, QiYao will spare no efforts to build Win-Win relation-ships with all customers and looking forward to your cooperation!


FREE Sample
Our samples give a real understanding of the quality of the product you will receive when you purchase from our range of insulation. If you are after a sample of a specific product, please contact us and we will happily send you one out.



Q:I need a large quantity of aerogel materials. Do you offer volume pricing?
A:Different aerogel materials have different volume pricing schedules. Contact us to discuss your volume order needs.

Q:I'm doing a science project/giving a presentation. Can I get a free sample of aerogel?
A:We offer free samples!!!Just contact us!!!

Q:Can you machine aerogels?
A:Classic monolithic aerogels are very difficult to machine. Never fear- we are the world leader in shape control of monolithic aerogels and can assist in producing specially-shaped and featured aerogel parts. Contact US to discuss your custom aerogel shape or machining project.

Q:How do you glue an aerogel to something?
A:It is difficult to bond because of the powder on the surface.

Q:Are aerogel materials safe for the environment?
A:Silica aerogel materials are similar to minerals found in nature (silicates are the most abundant minerals on Earth) and do not contain or emit harmful chemicals. Carbon aerogels are also similar to minerals found in nature and are chemically no different than charcoal. Our aerogel products are also generally not harmful however like other polymers and plastics care must be considered regarding biodegradability and methods of proper disposal.

Q:How hot can an aerogel get? What is its maximum operating temperature?
A:The maximum operating temperature of an aerogel material depends on its composition.
Monolithic silica aerogels remain generally in tact until about 650°C, at which point they begin to sinter (densify). At hotter temperatures, silica aerogels will eventually melt.

Q: Why should we choose the Qiyao brand over the competition?
A: Our core competence is our ability to source quality products from top-notch factories around the world. We are very meticulous in the process of filtering out suppliers who have the ability to deliver quality products at cost effective pricing, and also most importantly we only deal with those suppliers who have utmost integrity and professionalism. With Qiyao you get better quality materials comparable to big named brands at the right price.

Q: How about quality control?
A: We have stable workers and engineers to make sure our quality is stable for years. Our purchase department will check the raw materials, our engineers will test the machines and the first few quantities before mass production, our QC will check the quality in production for thickness, length, width, weight…

Q:What’s the regular package?
A: Flexible packing according to the specific requirements of the clients.
PE plastic bag +Carton

Q:DO YOU HAVE A minimum QTY?
A:Yes, our MOQ of 10mm is 500 sqm,please consult for more information.

Q:Delivery time delay?
A: If the goods are in stock, it usually takes 5-10 days. If the goods are not in stock, it will take 15-20 days, depending on
the quantity. Usually within 30 days.

Q:Can I order a small qty or less container to start ?
A:It's welcome for any quantity, we support small clients growing. If you are an end user, it would save you money because we are factory direct selling. But if you are buying these products for resell or wholesale, as these products are large-volume items, we suggest you container load to save your shipping cost and make you more competitive.

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