Синяя Гидрогелевая накладка 40*60 EMS для ленивых фитнес устройств токопроводящий гель для массажа брюшных мышц

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Product Overview


Product Description

Products Description

Packing quantity
Backing Materials
foamed cotton or non woven fabrics
Connection Mode
wire type(aperture optional adapter) or Button

Usage of physiotherapy electrode
*Please use soap to clean and dry the skin to avoid affecting the stickiness
*Connect the electrode piece with the needle (or button) lead of the physiotherapy instrument
*Tear off the protective film on the adhesive before use (pay attention that the side of the contact surface between the
protective film and the gel should not be contaminated with oil stains and dust)
*Stick the self-adhesive electrode to the position to be treated or the corresponding acupoint and press it tightly.
*After use, separate the electrode from the wire and cover it with a protective diaphragm.
(Very important: only the original bonding surface of the protective film has centrifugal force, and the original surface needs to
be bonded back to the gel layer)
Precautions for physiotherapy electrode
*The electrodes for physiotherapy must be in full contact with the skin
*Clean the skin before use. At this time, pay attention to the output strength of physiotherapy, and only slight electrical
stimulation can be felt.
*When using, if the skin has strong tingling or burning sensation, the intensity or temperature of physical therapy must be
*This product cannot be reused by many people to avoid cross infection.
*The single use time shall not exceed 1 hour (within 12 hours of specific scenarios, consult customer service)
Contraindications to the use of physiotherapy electrodes
*The electrode shall not be placed in the scar, wound or inflamed place.
*Patients with heart pacemakers installed in the body are prohibited.
*Prohibited for pregnant women
*Patients with acute inflammation, bleeding tendency and high fever should not use it.
Patients with heart disease, puerpera and skin allergy should use it under the guidance of doctors.
*Dementia, psychiatric patients and children under the age of 12 should use it under the care of their families.
Maintenance of physiotherapy electrode
*The product should be stored in a dry place at room temperature and sealed without corrosive gas. Do not take the product out of
the packaging bag and store it in the air.
*The product should be stored in a well ventilated room with a temperature of 0 ℃ - 45 ℃.

Packing & Delivery

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.


.1.Made in China or Import?
Answer:Made in China.Applies to HV-LLPAD, HV-F128, HV-F127, HV-F125, HV-F927, HV-F900, HV-F124P, HV-F015, HV-F115, HV-F115, HV-F116, HV-F117, HV-F020, HV-F021, HV-F320, HV-F105, HV-F106, HV-F107, HV-F107, Pm3032.
3. Electric polls are depletable products, prices and the failure to use is 21908;

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