Куриные яйца, страусиные яйца, куриные яйца, свежие индейки (1600654584411)

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We have a wide variety of fertile hatching eggs. We have chicken eggs, bantam chicken eggs, Ostrich eggs, duck eggs, turkey eggs, guinea eggs, quail eggs, pheasant eggs, and chukar partridge eggs all available at the moment for sale worldwide.


Our eggs are tested and guaranteed through a candling exercise. Our hatching rate of eggs is 100 percent. We also offer incubators brochures auto regulated, CDs, tapes, etc to customers getting eggs from us to ensure a successful hatch.


With 35 years of hands-on experience in incubation, hatching, and raising ratite chicks, We have the knowledge to help you succeed with your quest to raise chicks.


Ostrich Eggs are gathered daily, washed, sanitized, and held at a constant temperature until the time of shipment or pickup. We recommend that the ostrich eggs be held no longer than 10 days for maximum hatchability. It is equally important that the eggs be handled as little as possible, kept clean, and placed in a sterile environment for hatching.


The incubator should be able to maintain a constant temperature of 97.5 degrees, with a rotation assembly and good air circulation.


- One-day old Ostrich chicks
- One-month-old Ostrich Chicks
- Two months old Ostrich chicks
- Three months old Ostrich chicks
- Four months old Ostrich chicks
- Five Months old Ostrich Chicks
- Six months old Ostrich chicks

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Name: Fresh Table Eggs
Shelf Life:2 months
Length:45 cm
Color:White & Brown
Size: Small, Medium, large.extra large
Weight: Ranging from 45gms to 63gms
Packing: 30 eggs are packed in each chemically treated paper pulp tra
Shipment:20' & 40' High Cube Reefer Containers

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