702 LIHONK 70W Plastic Soldering Pistol Plastic Welder Gun Car Bumper Staples for Cracks Repair Welding (1600655598124)

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Product Overview


Product Description

This product is suitable for repairing and reinforcing the plastic parts of all cars, such as bumpers,dashboards, and the lamp holders, plastic rings, radiators, and motorcycles,to restore and prolong the products service time.

Model: LK-702
Product Name: LIHONK Plastic Repair Welding Machine
Input: AC 110-120V, 220-230V, 50/60Hz
Power: 70W
Plug: 2-round pin, 2-flat pin, big 3-flat pin
Power Cord Length: 170cm
Package size: 310x240x70mm

General Features:
1. M-shape, V-shape, small-curve-shape, big-curve-shape, total 4 kinds of nails to weld all kinds of angle cracks.
--- repair external corner cracks with M-shape nails;
---repair inner corner cracks with V-shape nails;
---repair plane complex cracks with small wave flat nails;
---repair plane fine straight cracks with large wave nails.
2. Widely used in construction site, home use, hospital, maintenance shop etc..
3. Perfect repairing: car bumper, dashboard, trash can, lamp holder, plastic frame, radiator, handles, headlights, plastic wings, motorcycle plastic device, etc.
4. A plastic box provided to store the whole tool kit set neatly.

LIHONK Plastic Repair Machine Strong Features:
1. Pure-copper clamping tube to ensure smooth nail installation and removal, no stuck.
2. The 70W machine heats up the nails extremely quick, provides firm welding.
3. The repair machine is equipped with LED to illuminate the dark welding area.
4. Friendly-design of gun-shape handle with curves grip to avoid hand slip.
5. Quick temperature rising - 400℃ per second, high efficiency, a high quality welding gun to repair all kinds of cracked plastics.
6. Overheat protection.

Easy to deal with various repairing:
Function 1
Plastic fusion, filler fusion, hole repair, crack elimination.
Function 2
Planting nails, with various repair nails, can repair horizontal, vertical, long and short cracks.
Function 3
Heat troweling, plastic heat troweling, welding, double strength, more beautiful.
Function 4
Thermal cutting can be used for thermal cutting of plastic rope, flat incision and automatic sealing.
Function 5
Soldering, faster heating / cooling and more effective than normal welding machines.

CE Certification



Q1: Do you offer OEM or ODM productions?
A1: Yes, we do.
We have our own brand “LIHONK”. Welcome to be our distributors of LIHONK tools.
Or you could have your own brand/logo, please just provide your logo file. (OEM)
Or you could even have your own design of the molds. (ODM)

Q2: What is your production lead-time?
A2: For LIHONK brand, within 1000pcs, 14-21 days upon order and payment.
For OEM, within 1000pcs, 14-21 days after sample approval.
For ODM, about 30 days for mold, 21 days for mass production.

Q3: What is your quality warranty?
A3: 6+1 months from delivery (on board date).

Q4: What kinds of product certificates or test reports you could provide?
A4: We have CE certificates (CE-EMC, CE-LVD) for all SKU.
If you need any of other kinds, please contact us to provide or to conduct related tests.

Q5: Is the price negotiable?
A5: Yes, it’s negotiable. By larger quantity or re-fix some details, we may offer better price.

Q6: Besides FOB, do you offer any other price terms?
A6: Yes, we also do ex-works, FCA, to door, and so on. Of course, price will vary because of the terms change. Please contact us to discuss.

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