SAVING Electricity Energy Meter Single Phase Gprs\Rs485 Communication Iot Energy Meter Ic Smart Prepaid Electric Meter (1600655998094)

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Product Overview


DDZY1218-M single-phase IC Card charge-controlled smart electric energy meter is a new generation of electric energy metering product developed and produced by our company in accordance with the relevant technical specifications of smart electric energy meters of the State Grid Corporation of China. This product adopts special large-scale integrated circuit and SMT production process, and has the functions of electric energy metering, data processing, real-time monitoring, automatic control, information interaction, etc.

Product Features

1. Flame retardant , easy to install
2. Active &Reactive energy measurement functions ,can display time, alarm code, etc.
3. With the function of opening the cover record, it can be inquired to prevent theft of electricity.
4. The energy meter has the function of multiply tariff(variable rate)
5. Local IC card fee control method 
6. Communication method: RS485, infrared
7. It has the function of clearing the meter, which is convenient and flexible to use.

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Reference Voltage
Current Specification
Rated Frequency
Accuracy Level
Active Level 1, Reactive Level 2
Power Consumption
Voltage line: <=1.5W, 10VA; current line: <1VA
Temperature Range
Working temperature range -25~55degree,
extreme working temperature range -40~70 degree
Meter Constant(imp/kWh)
Humidity Range
40%~60%, working relative humidity be controlled within 95%

Fix the electric meter to the meter box, and connect the interface according to the wiring diagram.
It is recommended to use copper wire or copper terminal. The screws in the terminal box should be tightened to avoid burning due to poor contact or excessively thin wire.

Product Functions

1. Display with LCD display with wide viewing angle and high contrast
2. IC card fee control
3. Voltage sampling loop adopts resistance voltage division
4. High-precision, high-sensitivity, high-stability, wide-range, low-power dedicated metering chip

5. High-stability, wide-range manganese-copper shunt with current loop
6. Application places:community,hotel,shopping mall ,office building,school,property,etc
7. The dimensions of the case structure are uniform, exquisite and easy to install.
8. Use CPU card /SD card

9. Display information: cumulative electricity consumption in the current month and last month, cumulative electric energy indication value and total accumulated electric energy indication value, current date and time, alarm code or prompt, communication status prompt, meter number of electric energy meter, etc.
10. Main functions: security authentication encryption requirement, event recording function, Strong structure, good sealing performance
11. Communication method: RS485, infrared,
12. Optional built-in relay for load control. Advantages: simple structure and cheap price.


Company Profile

Jiangsu Saving Electronics Co.,Ltd. was established in August 2011, has 25 authorized patents, 12 software Copyrights, belongs to a national high-tech enterprise.The founder focused on energy metering, energy consumption monitoring overall solution design for more than 20 years, the core technology backbone and management cadres are senior experts in the industry for more than 8 years.Core products such as: smart meter, guide rail smart meter, multi-functional digital meter, multi-user electricity meter, power information collection terminal, concentrator, power energy efficiency monitoring terminal, etc., are independently developed and produced.

Shipping Options

We provide all-round services of "pick up, transport and delivery" , and provide multimodal transport, from packaging to transport, check at each level to ensure the safety of goods and deliver them to customers in good condition.

Contact Information


1. Q: What after-sales service is provided?
A: Usually, we provide online technical services, including product instructions, remote software debugging, and online video guidance. If needed, we can go to customers' site for products debugging and project guidance. But customers should be responsible for our accommodation, transportation and safety.

2. Q: Are you a direct manufacturer and exporter from China?
A: Yes, we are. We are the local OEM & ODM manufacturer, have our own factory and International Trade Department.

3. Q: Where’s your factory located?
A: Our factory locates in Yixing city, Jiangsu Province, China. It takes about 2hours by speed train from Shanghai Airport to our city. You are warmly welcome to visit our factory anytime.

4. Q: How do I purchase your goods?
A: Please send us your inquiries (specification, pictures, application) via Alibaba, E-mail, Wechat or WhatsApp us. Also you can give us a call directly about your requirements, we’ll reply you ASAP.

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