Factory price compost bacteria/Microbe for convert waste into organic fertilizer

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Product Overview


 CHPOST-M07  Factory price compost bacteria/Microbe for convert waste into organic fertilizer

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1.Brief Introduction:
CHPOST- M07 is Factory price compost bacteria/Microbe for convert waste into organic fertilizer which contains aerobic micro-organisms with specific biodegradative abilities which are able to grow and degrade organic substances during the composting process. The strain incorporated in CHPOST-F07 can rapidly degrade the organic materials in industrial, municipal and agricultural materials.







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2.Specifiation of CHPOST-F07:

Bacterial Count: 2.0 x 10to 11th CFU/gram
Appearance: Brown Powder
Odor: Slight fermentation odor
Effective pH range: 6.5 - 8.0

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0.25‰-0.5‰ inclusion,250g-500g product per ton composting material.Weigh 250g of the product and add to 1 ton of the composting material.Mix well using a suitable mixing equipment and compost for 15 days.



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4. Advantage of the goods:

A.The composting process uses beneficial microorganisms and higher animal life to decompose organic matter in industrial, municipal and agricultural materials.
B.The organic portion of solid waste can also be biologically degraded by composting, the process by which organic solid waste of mixed composition is digested by aerobic (air loving), mesophilic (medium-temperature requiring) and thermophilic (high-temperature requiring) microorganisms.
C.Composting is a microbial process that converts organic waste material into a stable, sanitary, humus-like product that can be used for the improvement of soil composition.
D.Supplementation of the inherent microbial populations with high concentrations of selected, adapted, cultured and improved microbial strains with better survival ability, faster increase in bacterial population, high enzyme production will enhance the decomposition of organic matter.
E.Effective combination of beneficial microorganisms will result to a reduction in composting time.

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