Telescope forklift 4WD Steering Telehandler Telescopic Boom Loader Handler Forklift Telescopic Handler Loader Mini Loaders

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Price:$2,800.00 - $4,500.00
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Product Overview


Product Description

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Overall dimension
Wheel base
Min. ground clearance
Max. dumping height
Lifting height
Dumping distance
Dumping angle
wheel tread
steering angle
horizontal crossing radius
Min. turning radius
Overall parameters
Backet capacity
Rated load
operating weight
Max. tractive force
Max. breakout force
Tipping load
watercooled, four-stroke, Inline
Rated power
Rated speed
Engine displacement
Max. torque
Emission standard
GB 20891-2007
Min. fuel-consume ratio
Transmission system
Torgue converter
single-stage three-element hydraulic torque converter
Transmission type
Fixed shaft power shift
Forward 4 reverse 2
Hydraulic system of working device
Mechanical manual control
total time
Brake system
Service brake type
Air over hydraulic disc type
Parking brake type
Manual, caliper disc type
Steering system
Load sensing full hydraulic articulated steering
System pressure
14 Mpa
Fill capacity
Hydraulic oil
Drive axle
Braking system

Product Display

powerful engine
By using a turbocharger and an aftercooler, proper performance can be provided on demand. High Torque Reserve – up to 33% torque reserve ensures Great traction when digging and accelerating with high traction.
Extend engine life and increase efficiency by decelerating operation.
The rapid response of the engine is achieved by adopting the engine electronic control system.
lift arm
Our proven lift arms are your answer for maximum uptime and productivity
The key is.
The Z-link design allows easy viewing of the bucket edge and work area.
The solid steel lift arm effectively absorbs high load stresses.
Integral castings are used in critical pin joints for increased structural strength.
Lift arms eliminate stress for increased durability and longer service time.
Positive flow control hydraulic system
Improve efficiency with our Positive Flow Control (PFC) hydraulic system.
PFC can control pumps and valves in parallel. By optimizing the control of the pump,
The flow of hydraulic oil can be made proportional to the movement of the implement lever.
Three electronically controlled, fully variable piston pumps allow for fast, efficient work cycles.

Electro-hydraulic controls
Operators can take advantage of our responsive implement capabilities to increase productivity.
Electronically controlled hydraulic cylinder stops allow for comfortable operation.
Easy-to-use soft bayonet controls for easier operation.
The automatic implement limit function can be easily set in the cab.
The Health suite displays
key event-based machine status
condition, and can display the operating data of the entire fleet. It has perfect equipment
performance and asset condition monitoring capabilities, with a range of diagnostic, analytical and
reporting tool.
sturdy construction
The extremely durable construction enables multiple life cycles and handles the toughest loading conditions to improve your bottom line.
The full box section rear frame and four-plate loader tower resist shock and torsional loads, aligning the hitch pins with the loader linkage pins.
Machine automatic welding provides greater penetration, maximizing durability and fatigue resistance.
Castings spread the load and reduce the number of parts, thereby increasing strength.

Our services

1.Whole process guidance
With more than 15 years of service experience, we will spare no effort to provide support in selecting
equipment, customizing production lines, improving supply chain, and post-optimization etc.
2.Provide a full set of construction method and equipment training Provide design and construction solutions in terms of cost budget / progress improvement / quality control / safety management.
3.After-sales service system
Fully track the service system, focus on customer needs, first-class speed, skills, attitude, and provide support for customers'
00 86 155 1568 2190

4.Support customization
Relying on our powerful flexible production line, we can give you the right to fully choose the mold,
drive method, accessories upgrade, shell material, appearance color and Logo etc.
5.Extensive spare parts service
The spare parts warehouse of more than 50,000 square meters can meet the timely replacement and
supplement of any wearing parts.
6.Support sea, land and air transportation We can ship products to every corner of the world. If you need, we also support a series of tedious tasks such as customs clearance and tail end delivery.

Product Packaging

solid packaging
To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient
packaging services will be provided.
We also support air/sea/railway/automobile/bulk carrier, etc.;
Support from anywhere in China to anywhere in the world;
We can also help you to handle shipping/customs clearance/pay duties/delivery to your company and otherservices.

Our Company

We have passed CE, ISO, SGS certification! Better quality creates greater benefits for you!
Customer visit
We receive an average of 4 customers every week, visit and audit our factory, and negotiate business. There is a Chinese proverb:
It is always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar.
Factories and offices
More than 100,000 square meters of manufacturing and warehouse space More than 100 employees in the International Business

Contact & FAQ

Q: I just started to enter these industries? Don't know what to do?
A: We will assist you to choose a cost-effective machine; we will provide assistance in purchasing raw materials, equipment debugging, and later technical guidance.

Q: How can I ship these machines to my company after purchase?
A: We have a stable and cooperative freight forwarder and have rich experience. We can be responsible for the whole process of transportation/customs declaration/customs clearance/transportation,
and transport the goods to your company.

Q: Can you tell us about your service and support throughout the process?
A: I think selling a machine is just the start of our partnership
1.We will provide technical solutions, product selection guidance, and
related supporting equipment support before sales (For example, to help you identify hot-selling products in the market to
determine machine selection)
2.Provide regular feedback on manufacturing progress in production Pictures or videos
3.Provide machine testing after sale; free accessories; stable packaging; product shipping to your factory , customs clearance and shipping services we can also cover;
4.During production: continuous debugging of the machine; raw material supply etc.

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