Factory Estonia 3 Bedroom 2 Sloping Site For Sale Prefabricated Dome Polystyrene Foam Home

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Product Overview


Product introduction


Introduction to main materials
Graphite polystyrene foam, commonly known as graphite molding polystyrene foam (commonly known as "black foam" or "blackboard", referred to as SEPS), is widely used in building and exterior insulation systems. Product features: SEPs insulation board not only has all the properties of ordinary EPS insulation board, but also has the following characteristics: 1. The fire resistance reaches flame retardant grade B1: the combustion performance of SEPs insulation board fully reaches grade B1 and has good fire resistance. 2. Stronger thermal insulation capacity: SEPs insulation board is a product further refined by chemical method of expanded polystyrene, a classical thermal insulation material. Graphite has heat reflection, thermal conductivity ≤ 0.032, and its thermal insulation capacity is 30% higher than that of ordinary EPS, which helps to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emission. 3. High strength: Graphite polystyrene board has high compressive strength or compressive strength. 4. Environmental protection: foaming method is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. 5. Better physical properties: low water vapor transmission coefficient, small elastic modulus and not easy to deform.
10 advantages of EPS housing
1. Energy saving, the main material EPS module thermal conductivity 0.032, thermal insulation, warm in winter and cool in
summer, indoor and outdoor temperature difference reached 12-15 ℃ in summer;
2. Long life, the main material EPS module 50 years of life;
3. Environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, formaldehyde free;
4. Windproof, earthquake resistant, pressure resistant, snow resistant;
5. Sound insulation;
6. Antisepsis and insect prevention;
7. Fireproof, main material EPS module B1 flame retardant;
8. It has the dual attributes of living and viewing;
9. Temporary land can be used;
10. Quick module assembly.

Several problems of EPS housing

1. According to the floor plan, the shape of the house mainly includes four types: round, U-shaped, rectangular and oval;


2. These houses can be used alone, or any combination and connection of various shapes;
3. House building area from 28 square meters, you can choose;
Product application


Product Paramenters


Module thickness 
18 cm
Module apparent density 
30.4KG/m ³
Module compressive strength
Module thermal conductivity (average temperature 25 ℃) 
Module volume water absorption
Module fire protection 
Flame retardant class B1
House height 
Internal 3.2m
House width 
Standard 5.59m, customizable
House length 
Can be customized
House plane shape 
Round, rectangular, U-shaped and oval, which can be combined arbitrarily
House color 
Can be customized
House indoor air quality 
Meet the requirements of Chinese civil construction engineering
House area 
The minimum area is 28 square meters, which can be customized
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Factory profile


Company profile.

Founded in 2005, the group is a provider of high-quality building materials, low-rise prefabricated building solutions and integrated high-end home stay solutions in China. After years of unremitting efforts and improvements, it landed on the new third board in November 2017 and plans to impact the listing of the main board in 2021. The company consists of three factories, headquartered in Henan Province. It mainly develops and produces low-rise prefabricated buildings, mobile finished houses, passive houses and supporting equipment for production houses. The production systems have passed international standardization certification. The products have been sold all over China and all over the world such as Sweden, Japan and Tanzania. Graphite polystyrene dome house is one of the company's product series. It introduces full-automatic production equipment and adopts international advanced production technology, and is committed to energy-saving and low consumption prefabricated housing.


1. What are the advantages of the company? We are the only factory in China to produce EPS dome building materials in a series and systematic way. We not only produce EPS modules as the main materials, but also provide all supporting materials, including indoor and outdoor surface treatment materials, doors and windows, floor to ceiling windows, indoor partition walls, etc. Based on the characteristics of EPS module, we have specially developed the main surface material - waterproof and crack resistant mortar, which is both crack proof and waterproof, adapt to the temperature from - 60 ℃ to + 60 ℃, and the service life is up to 25 years to ensure no cracking and falling off. Our putty powder and alkali resistant plastic coated glass fiber mesh cloth adopt different standards according to the climatic conditions of different countries and regions. Indoor partition wall (partition) is also our traditional advantageous product, and the raw materials are from high-quality suppliers in the domestic industry. We also provide all construction tools to make your construction easier. If you need indoor furniture, we will also meet you. We will customize all kinds of furniture for you. Providing one-stop service is our biggest advantage. 2. Can you customize it? The size and color can be customized. 3. Do you provide samples? Unless it is made separately for special needs, ordinary samples are generally provided free of charge, but the mailing fee is not included. 4. How to pay? 30% of the advance payment and the rest shall be paid before delivery. 5. How to accept? The goods will be sent to you by photo or video at the time of delivery. 6. How long is the delivery time? Generally, 30-50 days after receiving the advance payment.

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