Amazon oxygen concentrator O2 Concentrator Travel Home Oxygen Generator Medical 3 liter 5l Battery Portable Oxygen Concentrator (1600657592084)

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Amazon-oxygen-concentrator O2 Concentrator Travel Home Oxygen Generator Medical 3 liter 5l Battery Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Product Description

How to choose the right portable oxygen concentrator?
Oxygen is a basic human need. We would not survive without it. The air that we breathe accounts for around 21% oxygen. It can be sufficient for most people with healthy lungs, but for some people with certain health conditions whose lung function is impaired, the amount of oxygen that is obtained through normal breathing is not enough. Oxygen concentrator can separate oxygen and nitrogen molecules from each other for generation of high concentration oxygen. Trapping the nitrogen out of the compressed air and provides supplemental oxygen by compressing room air to 4 atmospheres of pressure. This concentrates the oxygen in the compressed air without the need of adding chemicals.
When deciding what kind of oxygen concentrator is best for you, it is important to determine what kind of oxygen delivery you would prefer: Pulse Dose or Continuous Flow.Pulse Dose vs. Continuous Flow: The DifferencePulse Dose (PD) is based on breathing and inhaling, whereas Continuous Flow (CF), as its name implies, is delivered at a constant rate indiscriminate of the user's breathing.For continuous flow, think of it like a water fountain: If an individual stands in front of a water fountain flowing at 1 liter per minute, they don't actually drink one full liter of water. The amount of water a person drinks is a product of the number of sips and the size of the sip. The rest of the water is wasted.he amount of water a person drinks is a product of the number of sips and the size of the sip. The rest of the water is wasted. The same applies to continuous flow oxygen; the net amount inspired is a combination of the flowrate, the number of breaths and the size of the breaths.Pulse Dose is more sophisticated. Pulse Dose mechanisms are more sensitive, utilizing an oxygen conserver and other technology to deliver oxygen based on breathing rates and other factors. PD is more akin to a glass of water with a straw than a fountain; the intake will be based purely on the amount and intensity of sips. When an oxygen concentrator is said to be a "single-solution" for on-the-go, at home, and sleep, it usually employs this type of technology so that it can deliver the proper amount of oxygen during all phases of daily activity and during rest.

Flow Rate
Sound Level
Less Than  40db
Output Pressure
Net Weight

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Accessories:
Litum Battery
1 pieces
humidifier Bottle
1 pieces
Battery Recharger
1 pieces
4 pieces
Power Cord
1 pieces
Oxygen nasal pipe
1 pieces
Car Inveter
1 pieces
1 pieces
Carrying bag
1 pieces
Instruction Book
1 pieces

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Product Feature
 High oxygen purity 93%+-3% from 1Liter to 5 liter
Operates with rechargeble external battery ,AC or DC power
 Exceptional battery life,can be used for 800 times
Fashionable carrying case with adjustable shoulder strap
 Low Noise,less than 40db(A)

How To Charge The Battery ?
Connect the charger with the battery as figure:Tips:The battery can last 60mins when it is fully charged. It takes about5-6 hours to charge battery fully,and the light on the charger turns green
            It has three power sources: 
>. Use at home, plug into power
>. Use at car by car inverter
>. Use at outdoor by battery, carrying bag and portable trolley

If you only want to use an oxygen concentrator at home, the following products are good choices for you!

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Product Advanced

1.Copper Free Oil Air Compressor
7*24 hours continuously work, low energy consumption, strong stability.Can work more than 3400 hours continuously,With built-in overheat protection, spring shock absorption and noise reduction design,let the compressor has a longer service life than its counterparts. 

2.Portable Oxygen Concentrator Adopt France imported CECA Molecular Sieve
All the molecular sieve tube used by aluminum,.It can improve leak-proof ability, good adsorption, fast oxygen production, high purity and durability.Oxygen purity more than 90%

3.Portable Oxygen Concentrator With Anion Purification Function
While you are breathing oxygen, you can click the anion button to turn on the anion function, release 6 million/m3 anion, purify oxygen and promote blood oxygenation. Improve oxygenation and give you the feeling of being in the forest

Warning Tips

Warning Tips
Kindly cut the White belt and pull it out, when use the machine (the belt is used for fixing the air compressor during the transportation)

Our Company

OLIVE History
Zhengzhou Olive Electronic Technology Co.,ltd, established in 2006, is a rapid growing enterprise who integrate the production and marketing of oxygen concentrator and related healthcare products. After 12years’ efforts and development, now we have become one of the leading oxygen concentrator manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are always keeping very kind relationship with many strong medical factories and research institutes in China. We have been enjoy high reputation in medical health care market domestically and internationally.

CE ISO13485 TUV ROHS ODC 100+ National Patents

Olive R&D Center
R&D expenses account for 15% of sales rev-enue OEM/ODM Services and Professional techinque supports,R&D expenses account for 10% of sales rev-enue OEM/ODM Services and Professional techinque supportsFor any customers who send us samples of the products, we will design and develop better ones based on the samples. For every customer,we will choose the best fit material,and also innovative material for their products!


1. who are we?
We are based in Henan, China, start from 2014,sell to South America(00.00%),Southeast Asia(00.00%),Africa(00.00%),Oceania(00.00%),Mid East(00.00%),Eastern Asia(00.00%),South Asia(00.00%),North America(00.00%),Eastern Europe(00.00%),Western Europe(00.00%),Central America(00.00%),Northern Europe(00.00%),Southern Europe(00.00%). There are total about 11-50 people in our office.
2. how can we guarantee quality?
Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment;
3.what can you buy from us?
Oxygen Concentrator,Portable Oxygen Concentrator,Oximeter,CPAP Machine
4. why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
We are a professional manufacturer for oxygen concentrator.Can provide 3L,5L,8L,10L and portable oxygen concentrator.
5. what services can we provide?
Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF,EXW,Express Delivery;
Accepted Payment Currency:USD,EUR,JPY,CAD,AUD,HKD,GBP,CNY,CHF;
Accepted Payment Type: T/T,MoneyGram,PayPal,Western Union,Cash,Escrow;
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