CGSZ4225 22 Straight Line Glass Double Edging Polishing Machine Production Line For Tempered Glass Processing

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CGSZ4225-20 Glass double edging series is an economic, efficient, practical and reliable production line, which is researched & developed independently by Sunkon company. Suitable for furniture, construction and other type of flat glass processing.

1.The double parallel straight lines’ bottom and arris of glass can be processed at one time by rough, fine grinding and pneumatic polishing.

2.Installed with excellent linear guide and screw mandrels which ensures the processing precision. Bracket of movable side system is W frame design, which increases the accuracy of movements and the degree of stability; also it can extend the life time of the linear rack.

3.All-in-one structure for machine and circuit box is good for waterproof, space saving and convenient for operation. The main body adopts cast iron with annealing treatment.

4.The improved pneumatic polishing uses the high precision linear guide rail for guiding and this structure can make polishing more stable and reliable, as well as to save the grinding wheel effectively.

5.Position corrected device has been added on the machine, which solves the deviate problem of small glass, and truly realize intelligent operation of connected machines when transferring glass.

6.Lifting distance of upper press beam is large for replacing wheels easily.

7.PLC control with touch screen, the data setting and the grinding status of glass can show on the controlling center. Processing width, thickness, and lifting of upper arris are adjusted automatically. Totally 40 spindles, 20 spindles per set.

Glass thickness
3~19 mm
Max. arris grinding
Min. processed size
350*350 mm
Process speed
1~8 m/min
Max. processed size
Open and close speed
Grinding amount of double-sided processing glass
working height
Max. hemline grinding
2mm(single line)
380V/50HZ or customized
compress air
Total power
Diagonal error of processed glass
Parallel error of processed glass

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Open-close control for glass processing width
The frequency conversion motor adjusts the opening and closing of the machine, which is accurate and stable, with a safety guard, the machine is more beautiful and safe.

Variable frequency drive system

Frequency inverter with mandrel screw, Two big gears to make sure strong conveying.The synchronization of transmission is higher and the accuracy is more accurate.

Positioning mechanism
Advanced structure, simple adjustment and convenient maintenance.

Pneumatic polishing
All polishing wheels adopt pneumatic polishing, and the polishing head is in and out pneumatically at the same time, equipped with high-precision motor carriage, the polishing effect is guaranteed

Chamfer structure
The chamfer adopts a secondary transmission structure, and the chamfer motor is placed on the upper side at an angle of 45°, which greatly avoids the phenomenon that the traditional chamfer motor is placed down at 45° and caused the motor to be burned out by water.

Middle support rack
The automatic support rod can move with the movement of the mobile end of the edge grinding machine, and is always in the middle position to support the glass, preventing the glass from sinking in the middle position due to gravity, and the two ends are tilted, which affects the processing quality.

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