TANPU Horizontal Roller Hearth Flat/Bent Glass Tempering Furnaces tempering machine (1600658528115)

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Price:$185,000.00 - $200,000.00
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Product Overview


Flat Glass
Max loading area
3600 x 2400mm
Min Glass size
Glass thickness range
4 -19mm
Max glass size for 4mm glass:
2200mm x 1000mm
Max glass size for 5mm glass
2000mm x 3000mm
Max glass size for 6~19mm:
3600mm x 2400mm

Bend Glass
Max Loading area
2400mm x 1500mm curved
Max bending size
2400mm x 1500mm curved
Min Glass size
400mm x 600mm curved
Thickness range
Min Radius for 4mm~6mm
Min Radius for 8mm~10mm
Min Radius for 12mm
Max testing size for 4mm glass
1000mm curved x 2440mm
Max testing size for 5mm glass
2000mm curved x 2440mm
Heating zone
36 x2 = 90 heating zones
transformer capacity
Blower Control
controlled by two frequency inverters (DANFOSS)
Quality Standard
ANSI Z97.1-2004,
Finished product rate
≥ 98%
Dimension of the line ( approximately )
25.57m (L) × 6.32m (W) × 4.55m (H)
Installation period (approximately,)
30 working days
Commissioning period (approximately)
7 working days
Training period (approximately)
1 ( one ) working week
Guarantee period
ONE year for non worn-out parts and components.
Power supplier mode
380 V + 50 HZ

Power consumption
Flat: ≤5 kwh/m2 (Calculated on the continues production of 5mm sheet glass and 85% loading efficiency)
Bend: ≤8 kwh/m2 (Calculated on the continues production of 5mm sheet glass and 70% loading efficiency)
Productivity: 5mm glass 15 cycle/hour
Suitable glass sorts
--Tinted glass;
--Patterned glass;
--Silk screen printing glass;
--Clear float glass.
Supply Scope
--Loading table
--Heating section(furnace) with forced convection system
--Quenching and Cooling section
--Bending section
--Unloading table
--Associated electrical and control equipment
--Blower system
--Modem with long distance maintenance system
--AC Battery Emergency driving system
--Long-distance trouble maintenance
--Matrix heating system for evenness heating in the heating furnace
Controlling System
--The whole control procedure, software of industrial computer and PLC are developed by South Glass Technology Co., Ltd. The owner of all intelligence property right. South Glass Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for the upgrading of the software system.
--PLC is OMRON product.
--Industrial computer is ADVANTECH product from TAIWAN
Inverters are original Schneider products for driving equivalent ones.
--Optical, Sensor Beam Switch is of Autonics product.
--Monitor is from Philips.

Welcome to customize
We have a very professional engineering design team.
According to your needs, we can customize the exclusive flat tempering machine, including logo, size, machine parts and so on

The application of glass
Glass Tempering Oven Toughening Plant Machine Furnace Product Application: Ordinary float laminated glass, tempered laminated glass, curved laminated glass, color laminated glass, LED glass, dimming glass, bulletproof glass, multilayer laminated glass, wired glass, door glass, crystal just strengthen the portrait door glass, appliance panel glass, glass bead, crystal photo studio backdrop and video wall of glass, tea table surface glass, partition screen frameless painting and personalized photo glass, etc.

1. The use of wind circulating heating mode and temperature equilibrium improve the quality of the products.
2. PLC variable frequency control system ensures the temperature control precision and the default multi section temperature control, according to the different processes can be arbitrary choice of temperature section number.
3. High yield and low energy consumption made this machine is the ideal choice for sheet plant.

1. who are we?
TANPU INTELLIGENT is a design and fabrication oriented company for Flat Glass Deep processing technology. We are based on Guangdong, China,start from 2015, sell to Eastern Europe(30.00%), South America(20.00%), Southeast Asia (20.00%), North America(10.00%), Mid East(10.00%), Southern Europe(10.00%). There are total about 5-10 people in our office.

2. When can we arrange shipment?
We usually arrange shipment within 30 days after getting deposit, but customized machines should be between 60~100 days.

3. How to provide after-sale service?
Free warranty for one years. Provide remote services and video guidance.
4. what operating language is the machine?
Standard English, can also be changed as required.

5. How to operate the machine?
We will deliver English manual and video with the machine to you. If you still need our help, please contact us for engineer

6. How can I contact you?
You can contact us directly on Ali International platform or add WA:008613703234074 or [email protected].

7. Can l have a sample?
Yes, we can provide you with samples, but you need to pay the price of individual samples.

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