GYDCG-UBCH2-LZ двойной заглушки Dc локатор контроля изоляции генератор замыкания на землю реле For EV автобус

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Product Overview


Product Description

     The GYDCG-UBCH2 model product is a device for online monitoring of the insulation resistance value of the positive and negative poles of the DC floating system to the ground. The roads are independently controlled and can be monitored at the same time without interfering with each other. The user can realize the start and stop of a certain insulation monitoring and the acquisition of the value through RS485 communication. This product can monitor positive and negative symmetrical and asymmetrical insulation resistance, and can accurately measure the resistance value under the condition of DC voltage fluctuation.
    After the product is turned on, it can continuously and real-time monitor the insulation resistance, and the user can read the current insulation resistance value at any time after it is turned on. This product can also monitor the DC voltage value at the same time, the current voltage value can be read in real time after it is turned on, and the voltage value read is 0 after it is turned off. If the DC voltage is not 0, the user can also determine whether the product is currently on or off by checking whether the current voltage value is 0.
    After the product is turned off, the high-voltage switch is disconnected, and the product is completely separated from the DC and the earth.


* LED display
* RS485 Modbus communication
* 36mm din rail mounting or screwed installation
* Monitoring of the DC circuit bus bar insulation resistance RF to earth
* Bridge balance method for resistance measurement
* Wider DC insulation monitoring range DC0~1000V
* Adaptive capacitance to ground
* Simple device setting by DIP switch


Detect channels
Dual channels
DC voltage range
Power supply
Power consumption
Insulation resistance range
1KΩ~10MΩ @DC voltage100V~1000V
Insulation monitoring accuracy
≤3KΩ+10% @DC voltage100-300V
≤3KΩ+5% @DC voltage300-1000V
Measurement accuracy
Storage temperature
-40°C ~ 125°C
Operating temperature
-40°C ~ 70°C
Off-line pressure test
RS485 Modbus
Installation type
Din Rail mount
Screw fixation
90mm* 145mm*40mm

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* EV DC charging system
* Photovoltaic system
* Energy storage system
* DC power grid and other DC systems under 1000V


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Our company is a high-tech enterprise focused on the design, manufacture and marketing of the electronic products, computer control equipment, communications and network equipment. Our company offers products and solutions ranging from measuring and electrical control, quality and metering to power factor correction and temperature monitor.

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Possessing the features of miniaturization, intelligentialize and integration and the characteristic of high sensitivity, our products can be used in high anti-interference, adapting strong electric field, strong magnetic field, outdoors, tunnels, basements and other harsh environments, such as power system distribution equipment, gardening, cultivation of greenhouse crops, storage of grain and supplies, hospitals, R&D institutes and other special occasions which also have requirement on monitoring and control.

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