Small round red bean wholesale adzuki Softness of the skin after boiling

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We, an azuki expert who has visited azuki fields all over Japan, has selected the best azuki beans in Japan.

The key to selecting the best azuki beans for making delicious Japanese confections is the balance of the following five factors.
1. Astringency after boiling
2. Softness of the skin after boiling
3. Sweet aroma like marron flavor after boiling
4. Smooth texture after boiling
5. Roundness, size, color and gloss of azuki before boiling

These five factors save confectioners about two to three hours of work compared to azuki beans from other regions, and also help create a sense of high quality in terms of taste.

There was a time when an event was held in Paris to demonstrate and sell dorayaki using the azuki beans handled here.
Five hundred dorayaki were sold in three hours.

Even people who had never had it before took a bite, said it was delicious, and bought more.
If you are planning to add a higher-priced Japanese confectionery to your new product line, please use these azuki beans to make red bean paste and produce the product.

We also offer a school where you can learn how to make azuki paste and dorayaki.

Logo can be changed. Package can be changed.

We provide total support for the opening, from supplying azuki beans to designing a Japanese confectionery store.

Place of origin
Shimizu, Hokkaido

Product Usage

Bakery : Azuki Bean Danish like Marron Danish, for Anpan

Confectionary shop :for Dorayaki, for Daifuku,for Monaka,tart

Japanese restrant : Azuki and mochi hot sweet soop, Ice cream toppings, anmitu

Vegan restaurant : Appetizers


These azuki beans are grown on Morita Farm in Tokachi, Hokkaido.
The reason for the azuki's soft skin, uniform grain, high aroma, and delicious taste is not only the fertile soil, but also the fact that weeding is done mainly by hand and the beans are dried naturally.

Despite the vast size of the farm, the reason for mowing by hand instead of relying on pesticide spraying is to ensure that the sun's rays reach the azuki bean seedlings at the right time.

※If you are looking for Dainagon adzuki instead of azuki beans, enquire.

Company Profile

We provide total support for opening your Japanese confectionery store.

・Wagashi ingredients (azuki beans, glutinous rice, powdered green tea, etc.) selected from all over Japan
・Tools, and equipment for making wagashi
・Healthy tea to be served in your wagashi café
・Store design for a Japanese confectionery store

We are a leading authority on azuki (red beans). We'd speaked at azuki conferences, provided commentary on television, and hold events in Japan and France to encourage people to eat more azuki.

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