china clay kaolin clay industrial filter press kaolin for tableware pvc cement products

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Kaolin raw ore generally contains clay minerals and non clay minerals. Clay minerals are mainly kaolinite group minerals, followed by hydromica, montmorillonite and chlorite. The non clay minerals are mainly quartz, feldspar and mica, as well as aluminum oxide and organic matter (plant fiber, organic peat and coal).

Calcination is one of the important processing technologies of kaolin. The calcined kaolin is used to remove structural water or crystal water, carbon and other volatile substances and become metakaolinite, which is called calcined kaolin. Calcined kaolin has the characteristics of high whiteness, small capacity, large specific surface area and pore volume, good oil absorption, covering and wear resistance, high insulation and thermal stability.

it plasticity, cohesiveness, certain drying strength, sintering property and whiteness after sintering of kaolin make it the main raw material for ceramic production; Flake shape, white, soft, highly dispersible. Its adsorbability and chemical stability make it widely used in paper industry. In addition, kaolin and calcined kaolin are also used in rubber, plastics, coatings, chemical and petroleum refining, building materials, refractories, pesticides, aerospace and other fields.


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Lingshou, Hebei, China
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325mesh 600mesh 800mesh 1250mesh 2000mesh
Product advantages:
High purity, strong covering strength, good crystallization, high temperature resistance, easy dispersion, good whiteness after

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