18mm film faced plywood 4x8ft Shuttering form work plywood

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Product Overview


Film Faced Plywood 4x8 Marine Plywood Price in Bangladesh

We are exporting our full poplar core film faced plywoods to a lot of places and countries, in Africa and West Asia,they call our plywood as the marine plywood ,because our plywood is waterproof for construction. In South Asia ,Philippines , people call our film faced plywood as the phenolic plywood, and also some clients from Europe and Canada call them the shutter formwork etc, anyway if you are looking for the construction plywood for the formwork usage ,I can tell that you find the right product and the right company ,please check our following details and contact us if you need some boards,we muse offer you the good quality and good price.

Sample Available
Usually we cut our samples into A4 Paper size , you may contact us to get a Sample to check the core material and test the strength of the board ,and put it into the water to test the waterproof quality! If you need one sample to test ,please contact us anytime .

Product Name
4x8 Marine Plywood Price in Bangladesh
9mm,12mm,15mm,18mm,21mm,25mm,etc.  Customization 9mm-25mm.
Core Material
Fresh whole piece poplar core material ( not small pieces)
Film Color
Surface Treatment
Smooth,Anti-slip for choosing
Glue Type
The WBP Melamine Glue( Water Boiling around 8-10 hours as what we supply to our clients), The WBP Phenolic glue( Water Boiling over 72 hours), We can customize the plywood with different glue to meet our cleints requests.
Recycled times
4-6times( 9-12 mm plywood),6-8 times(12-16 mm plywood),8-10 times(16-18 mm plywood) etc,other thickness can customize for clients ,such some clients also need 21 mm full core.
18mmx1220x2440mm,around 1000 pieces /40ft; 15mmx1220x2440mm,around 1200 pieces /40ft;12mmx1220x2440mm,around 1500 pieces /40ft,for other thickness please contact me.
Production time
Within 15-20 days after receiving the production deposit.

Our Full Poplar Core Film face Plywood/ Marine Plywood ,with very smooth flat surface with black film , this picture is our 18mmx1220x2440mm,best 1 time hot press film face plywood ,for 8-10 times recycling using,the price is much more cheaper than the 2 times hot press ,but the quality can match the 2 times quality plywood for sure ,everyday we must load 6-10 containers of this type film face plywood to the clients , if you have interest ,we may offer you a sample for you to check the quality.

We produce the film face plywood for our Thailand Clients with their logo.
We produce the film face plywood for our Central Asia Clients with their logo.
We produce the film face plywood for our West Africa Clients with their logo.

Every plywood will be inspected before package and loading.
1.The board thickness;
2.The size;
3.The core material is good enough or not,make sure not bad core open;
4.The double sides film faces checking ,make sure no big damage will effect the usage of the plywood;
5.Moisture inspection, make sure the plywood moisture in the suitable range;

Thickness checking
Average thickness checking,make sure the thick tolerance is no problem.
Size checking
Will check the length ,the width ,the diagonal length etc.
Moisture checking
To choose some boards randomly to check the moisture of the plywood ,make sure it will not have fungus after long time sea delivery!!

Our Raw Materials are fresh veneers cut from the Reproducible Poplar Wood( which meet the FSC requirements) ,and before producing the plywood with them, we make sure every wood veneer with good moisture ,not so dry to crack ,not wet to have some fungus ,and every piece is full whole piece veneer without any holes and crack inside(scar is normal from the fresh wood ,but scar is smooth too ,not the holes,please notice it) and damage in the corner. For this material ,we can call it A grade and it is perfect for the excellent core veneer and plywood making.

For the surface ,our film is more thicker with very smooth shining surface ,that why our board quality is much better than others and even it looks much more beautiful from the appearance!!!

We guarantee our materials for the full poplar core film face plywood from inside to outside are the super quality!

We customize the package on the clients requirements
Our standard Package: The sea delivery plywood pallet( not solid wood ,no need the fumigation); the iron belt package ,8 pieces on the long side, 4 pieces on the short side; Every corner with the thick kraft paper protection.

More choices: The plywood package , the bulk shipping package with stronger pallet and iron belt.The protection film wrapping.

Mark: We can make the mark on the client request without any doubt.
If you have any other requirements for the package ,please contact me ,we usually don't would like to charge our client for the better package ,we just want to do the best to make sure the safety delivery.

Bulk ship Package Loading
We load and deliver to the bulk ship ,this is the bulk ship package for our West Africa Clients
40 HQ container loading
For 40ft container ,we usually use the 40 HQ , load around 18 pallets ,and also must calculate for our clients if theirs' port have the weight limit or not.

We are Alibaba Super Key Account Supplier (SKA)!
Our Factory and company credit is verified by Alibaba ,we are the top seller in Alibaba for many years .Now we signed the SKA agreement with Alibaba ,only the verified top supplier with super great credit and the good capacity for the supplying can get this honor.

We have been doing this business producing ,selling ,exporting the plywood for 12 year , exporting for 9 years, we got hundreds of loyal clients and that is our great pleasure to grow with them ! Thanks all our clients for everything in these 12 years.


1.Is your plywood waterproof?We want to use it for the concrete shutter.
A: Our full poplar core film face plywood is specially designed for the construction formwork or the concrete shutter, the board is totally waterproof with the waterproof glue !  You may take a sample to put it into water for a few days to test it by yourself.

2.How to know your quality is good?
A:From the material and the plywood surface you may see the difference ,the good materials plywood with better strength and flatter surface, the thickness is even . Ours can be used around 8-10 times for 18mm, I can say at the same price ,our plywood must be one of the best. And I welcome you to come to our factory to check the quality personally!

3. How about the min order? Can I order only 50 pieces if I want them to go with my other goods together.
A: No problem ,because we are producing everyday for our clients ,we can get some for you anytime ,and we can arrange the truck delivery to Guangzhou ,Yiwu ,Shanhai etc , a lot clients choose to do this . We are familiar with the procedure.

4.If I order 1 container to check quality first ,when is the loading time?
A: Usually our delivery time is 15-20 days after receiving the production deposit. But if you are in hurry ,we can push it and delivery to you in 10 days.

5.Why others offer me the price much cheaper than yours? Even a few dollars cheaper?
A: Dear sir ,please check what the material they use for the plywood ,the finger joint core plywood ? even the small joint core plywood? All of them  are recycled materials ,and they can use around 3-5 times or 1-3 times . If you need that same quality ,I can offer you even cheaper price with the same quality like theirs !!! Or same price with better qualtiy! We have confidence to do that .

6.Where are your clients  for the film face plywood?
A: We have all over the world clients ,for different countries ,the clients have different demands ,if you have interest for us , please contact us ,we can introduce our products according to your market. 

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