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Portable Octane Meter SX-150 Cetane Analyzer

Whether in the field or in the laboratory,this analyzers are leaders in portable rapid analysis instruments. We designs and produces analytical instruments for gasoline, diesel, motor oil and transformer oil.

Portable octane analyzers are often used for on-site analysis of octane number of power gasoline, corresponding to the motor method and research method (RON and MON), and also suitable for cetane number analysis of diesel. In addition, the temperature of the analyzed liquid and the freezing point of diesel can also be measured, and the measurement results are displayed on the LCD liquid crystal display.
    octane analyzer is widely used all over the world. Its measurement method conforms to international standards: octane measurement conforms to: ASTM D 2699-86, ASTM D 2700-86. Diesel cetane measurement conforms to: ASTM D 4737- 03, ASTM D 613, EN ISO 5165

It can test belows:

1.octane&cetane value,
2.Condensation point temperature (diesel)
3.Diesel pour point depressant content
4.Kerosene content in diesel
5.Gasoline Oxidation Stability
6.the temperature of the analyzed liquid and the freezing point of diesel

Measuring principle

The principle of the TP-150 octane cetane number tester lies in the analysis of the insulation permeability of the octane number of gasoline and the cetane number of diesel oil and the charge characteristics of electromagnetic induction. By measuring the dielectric properties of the sample and comparing with the known parameters in the memory, the result is determined. The instrument is very sensitive and can measure small changes in dielectric parameters. It can detect octane number, cetane number and other petroleum product parameters.


Determine the octane number of automotive gasoline, according to the standards ASTM D 2699-86, ASTM D 2700-86
Determination of cetane number of automotive gasoline according to standards ASTM D 4737-03, ASTM D 613, EN ISO 5165
Determination of diesel freezing point
Pour point depressant content for diesel fuel
Kerosene content of diesel fuel
Gasoline failure period (oxidation resistance), ASTM D 525.


Gasoline octane range

Technical data
Gasoline octane range:40–125ON
Measurement accuracy of gasoline octane number:± 0.5ON
Gasoline stable measurement range:50-2400min
Acceptable maximum value of basic error of gasoline oxidation degradation time measurement:5%
Cetane number measurement range:20–100CN
Measurement accuracy of cetane number of diesel:±1.0CN
Maximum acceptable error of diesel fuel freezing point measurement:± 2Co
Measurement of kerosene content in diesel fuel:0-95%
Measurement mode of pour point inhibitor content in diesel fuel:3%
The maximum acceptable error in the measurement of kerosene content in diesel fuel:0.2-1%
Maximum acceptable error in the measurement of pour point inhibitor content:0.01%
measure time:1–5s
Minimum power supply for instrument operation:5.4V
Instrument life:6years
Total size:
Electronic unit:100х210х40mm
Instrument quality (including 1 sensor):850g

Our Company

Chongqing TOP is a professional leading manufacturer and supplier of oil purifiers and various related testers. We consists of departments respectively for technological development, machinery manufacture, instrument manufacture, quality control etc. On basis of mature development and manufacture technology and highly qualified production management team, the products own high quality, easy operation, excellent performance and lone service life.

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TOP Oil Purifiers uses single or multi-stage filtration to remove, particulate, free water, and small quantities of dissolved water if necessary. The systems are usually customized to suite the specific customer application. Oil "regeneration", "reclamation", "recycling" are all terms used to describe the process of restoring used, aged, contaminated oils to "like new" reusable condition. The reclamation process removes free water, most dissolved water, dissolved gas, particulate, carbon contamination, acids, oxidation by products, most color bodies, wear metals, and most additive chemicals.

TOP Oil Testers works on the development, production, market, technical and after-sale service for petrochemical analyzers, transformer substation electrical testing equipment and circuit detecting equipment. Main products are water content testers, surface/interfacial tension testers, flash point testers, kinematic viscosity testers, oil acidity testers, insulation oil dielectric strength testers, transformer characteristics testers, relay protection testers, high voltage testing equipment etc.

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