High quality wholesale delicious meat foods canned waygu beef (1600664668633)

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Products Description

When you feel like eating tender deep flavor beef steak. Why don't you try our can "Choice wagyu steak". We seasoned the best steak with the original sauce nicely smelled onion and apple. Just heating up the can, you would feel like you were in a steakhouse.

SAIZ Co.,Ltd. Representative Noritaka Nobuta (meat meister)Biography

1977  Joined a butcher store

1986  Won the overall championship in the National Meat Product Creation Competition

1991 Retired from a butcer store
| Setting up his butcher store
2005 Produced a Mexican restaurant

2006  Became an advisor to a company's overseas business division
Sent overseas to teach beef sorting and butchery techniques
2007 Provided consulting services for Sendai Gyutan specialty restaurant, the home of gyutan (beef tongue)

2008 Established "Nice Mart," a brand specializing in the processing and sale of beef tongue
Sold at famous department stores and service areas nationwide in addition to wholesale sales.

2014 Opened "Itadaki" witch means "Summit" in English, a beef tongue specialty restaurant in Osaka City

2020 Establishment of "SIZZLE" canning factory
Beef tongue Meat processing Instructional scene in Brazil

Product Paramenters

Ingredient name
Beef (domestic), eringi mushrooms, soy sauce, sugar, mirin, fermented seasoning, apple juice, protein hydrolysate, beef extract
seasoning, black pepper / thickener (chitansangam), seasoning (amino acid, etc.), (contains wheat, beef, pork, soybeans, apple)
Content Quantity
Expiration date
Listed on the back of the can
Storage Method
room temperature

Nutrition Facts
※Estimated per 100g
Estimated per 100g

Product Usage

In order to eat our can food deliciously ,we recommend that you heat the can up in boiled water around 15minute or open the can and transter the contents to heat resistant dish and microwave it for 2-3minutes.


Processed meat sales businesses
Canned or bottled food producing businesses
Daily dish producing businesses

Company Profile

We have a long history as a meat factory in Osaka, Japan. And we have been a good relationship with domestic clients (like department stores, famous restaurant chain, local public institution and so on) for a long time. Because we have been keeping our product quality to be good. Regarding to canned food,There are many canned food manufacturers in Japan, but beef canned beef manufacturers like us are quite rare. As a reason, it is difficult to produce the canned food of beef. It is required the skill to treat meat suitably and we are very good at treating meat. After all, we cannot help saying that our beef canned food’squality is the best in Japan.

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