Biological organic fertilizer manufacture fertilizers manure organic powder fertilizer

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Product Overview


Biological organic fertilizer manufacture fertilizers manure organic powder fertilizer 

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Product Description

This product is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium numerous elements, humic acid, chelate trace elements, rareearth, calcium, rare molybdenum elements and biological agents, using LOXOWO unique biotechnology, microbial biotransformation technology as thecore,into the powerful Biological factor carefully developed high effect top-dressing fertilizer products.


Product efficacy

1.Strong and long lasting effect:Using the product can improve the readl availability of inorganic fertlizer and highly reactive effect of organic fertilizer and highly reactive effet of bio fertilizer. The product contains various active enzymes. Cellulolytic enzyme can accelerate decomposition of soil organic matter, and release various nutrients, such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Because of the mighty function of the nutrients and photosynthesis, the utilization rate of fertilizer was significantly raised.
2. Reduce the incidence of pests and diseases; resist successive crop; Improve soil environment. The product can effectively restraint the hatching of pest's eggs; efficently control plant diseases, 

such as root rot and blight; resist successive crop; eficicenlty degradate agicltural chemicals residue .
3. Eliminates hardens, losen soi, to exempt the deep plowing:The podcts has the good function of exchange and adjusting the PH value of the soil to improve soil structure,get special effect such as ventilation, keep fertilizer, kee water, heat preservation, drought resistant, cold resistant exempt the deep plowing etc .
4.The production ncrease efect is remarkable, improve the crops qualit thoroughly.Uses this product, it can produce seeding intact, root system will be many, plant disease will be few, stem will be strong, forms fruit will be many, promote precoity long harvest period,  high yield and resume natural taste of plant.


Product usage

Mix the product with fertilizer 

as base ferilizer

Field crops use 30kg/ha, mix with urea compound

fertilizer applicator(cover the product with soil as 

soon as possible after broadcasting),can be appropriate to reduce the use of chemical ingredients.

Fruit trees, and other high 

yield economic crops

Use 60-90kg/ha. Put the product around the

deep roots and cover with soil.


1The product has lots of bo-active enzyme,so it can not be used with anispc Sa lne pacage eieopening.
2. Avoid direct sunlight.

Our factory

LOXOWO Group is committed to green and efficient agriculture. It promotes the high yield project of "planting two harvests and three harvests" in the world. It has a first-class scientific research and technology team, a large green science and technology research and development center, advanced technical equipment and orderly and disciplined rules and regulations to ensure the quality of all products. According to the soil and crops in different regions, Mr. Li, chairman of LOXOWO Group, accompanied government officials to visit the research and development center.222.jpg111.jpg222.jpg333 (2).jpg

Company Certificate

The company has passed ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification, green food production data authentication;Being recognized by the provincial science and technology department as high-tech enterprises and high-tech products; Henan provincial industry and commerce bureau identified as henan province famous trademark, now in the application for China well-known trademark; Received the district government of quality award;The people's government of henan province is regarded as the honest enterprise of henan province;The state administration for industry and commerce (saic) has designated a nationwide contract and credit enterprise.


Company Summary

LOXOWO company was established in 2002, covering 8000 square meters. ltis the first listed group offoliar ferilizer industry in China. Our main product LOXOWO Foliar Ferilizer has created a newfertilization conception. It can be used for foliar spraying instead of root topdressing.

Loxowo is leading the healthy development of China's green new agriculture in terms of increasing unit are a yield,soil conservation, agricultural increase and green ecology.
The integrity, strength and quality of LOXOWO group has been recognized by the industry.Welcome friends from all over the world come to visit LOxOWO group and build cooperation!

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 1. Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

Manufacturer, welcome to our factory;

2.How do you ensure product quality ?
After each production process is completed, we will send it to the laboratory to check whether different ingredients meet the standard. In addition, our material suppliers attach test reports to their products.

 3. why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?

We are a company integrating biotechnology development, production and sales. We have nearly 20 years of R&D experience and have obtained 13 product registrations and 80 patents from the Ministry of Agriculture.

4. what services can we provide?

Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF,EXW;

Accepted Payment Currency:USD;

Accepted Payment Type: L/C;

Language Spoken:English,Chinese

5.Can you offer us discount?

We are happy to offer appropriate discounts to potential customers who help us promote our products or open them to local tourists as demonstration projects.

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