Оригинальный jet ski 1600CC водных видов спорта развлечений водные мотоциклы 4 тактный гоночный катер (1600666445730)

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Price:6 500,00 $ - 7 200,00 $


Product Overview


Detailed technical parameters:

Product Size3300 * 1200 * 1100MM
Maximum number3 people
Maximum load


net weight


engineSuzuki / 16 valve / multi-point EFI
Number of cylinders


engine displacement


Maximum power


Maximum torque


Compression ratio


Lubrication systemDry oil
cooling systemWater cooling double loop
Start methodElectric start ECU


Drive System:

Propulsion systemJet pump
Brake and reverse gearIntelligent brake reverse system
Spray pump typeSingle-stage axial flow pump
impellerStainless steel 15.5cm


Fuel and oil/electric systems:

Recommended fuel≥93#gasoline
Fuel tank capacity


Oil amount


Starter motor



12V, 36A

Quantity / 20GP/40GP4 sets/12 sets





Angle description:


NeoImag5e __.JPG





Intelligent brake and reverse system (IBR)

Intelligent brakes and reverse system provide you with the power to stop the boat and unparalleled mobility. The use of intelligent brake and reverse system is very simple operation, the brake switch is located in the left hand. If the motor boat is in the forward state, press the combination switch button on the left hand to lower the speed of the boat, and release the switch button to automatically reset it forward. If you are in a stopped state, hold down the button and you can step back. The control switch is exactly at your tip position, so you don't need to take your hand off the handle and leave the line of sight off the water, which provides a higher level of security and intuitiveness. Riding. Having an intelligent brake and reverse system allows you to stop at a distance of 30 meters before other motor boats.



Suzuki 1600cc ECU Engine

The engine uses a four-cylinder four-stroke Suzuki ECU to spray high-speed, high-power gasoline engines. Closed-loop electronically controlled fuel injection system controls air-fuel ratio, saves energy and saves energy. The products have passed the European Union CE certification and fully guarantee the safety performance.


Molded bottom shell and hull at one time

The innovative overall molding technology, once formed on the upper shell and lower shell, reinforced with special-shaped materials and glass steel, has light weight, corrosion resistance, strong impact resistance, and ensures the stability of the hull and the water-disposal. The overall line style is sleek and stylish, with a hard and shiny surface. Compared with the old craft, the single-use glass reinforced plastic hand-crafted hull is more resilient and therefore safer.


Large flow jet pump propulsion system

Exclusively developed single-stage axial flow pump with excellent design, large flow, equipped with embedded stainless steel impeller with diameter of 15.5cm, provides strong water surface adsorption and acceleration performance for motor boats.


Sports seat

The seat is ergonomically designed to provide comfortable support for your extreme driving environment. Color-blocked design is more personal and stylish


Streamlined balance wings

Increase the gliding surface of the motorboat, increase stability, help reduce the roll of the hull, and make more accurate turning and control when sailing on undulating surfaces


Adjustable tilt angle

Driving direction bar can be adjusted according to personal preferences


Tow rope hooks before and after

Whether it is an emergency dragging or dragging a surfboard, it is highly practical


Adjustable lighting rearview mirror

Wide-angle adjustable rearview mirror with steering signal allows you to see the situation behind


Waterproof high performance liquid crystal instrument

meter shows speed, fuel quantity and mileage, and has an indicator light.


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