LPG Gas Weighing Scale Filling For CO2 LNG Liquid Argom/Nitrogen/Helium/Oxygen/Ammonia/Chlorine/Mixed Gas

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Product Overview


Automatic Gas Cylinder Filling Scale/LPG Filling Scale/ Gas Cylinder Weighing Scale

Product Description

A. This electronic scale adopts a large-diameter anti-pollution automatic shut-off valve, which better solves the common defect of easy blockage of solenoid valves of similar products.
B. The smart electromechanical linkage device can be driven by batteries, which meets the requirements of intrinsically safe explosion-proof, and overcomes the trouble of laying explosion-proof AC power pipelines for similar products.
C. The overall structure design is compact and reasonable, the scale body uses spring shock absorption, the appearance is beautiful and beautiful, safe and reliable, and will not bring any unsafe factors to the user; the installation and use are simple and intuitive, and the user does not need special training and learning. There is also no need for complicated maintenance and upkeep. The outer plastic handle ball and rubber hose have anti-static function.
D. The use of this product can greatly reduce the difficulty of the operator's work and improve the efficiency of filling work, effectively ensuring that the accuracy and quality of filling are not affected by human factors.

Products Details

Simple Type

A. 3.7V explosion-proof lithium battery and AC220V power supply
B. Automatic tare, automatic reset of the weighing platform (the weighing platform becomes heavier and lighter, and the barrel can be automatically reset when the barrel is replaced);
C. When the set weight is reached, it will automatically cut off, buzzer, and alarm;
D. Automatically record and save the filling data information of each gas cylinder;
E. Different filling modes can be selected according to the filling method of the user, including net filling, total filling and standard filling;
F. It can visually display the weight of each gas cylinder before charging, the amount of charging, and the weight after charging, etc.;
G. Batch query function: You can query the cumulative number of bottles and total gas consumption of each batch of nearly ten batches on the filling interface.
H. Anti-cheating function: During the filling process, the weight of the weighing platform becomes lighter due to human intervention, the filling is stopped, and an automatic alarm -LOC- is given.
I. Overfill prevention: There are filling volume requirements for each bottle type, which can be set by users as needed.
J. Wireless communication function (optional): It can wirelessly transmit the filling information to the computer software in real time, monitor the filling process in real time, and query the filling details and summary information of gas cylinders.

Cabinet Type

A. Double-row high-brightness digital tube display, which can display a variety of information at the same time.
B. There is a clock circuit in the machine, which can display and record the filling time.
C. Users can arbitrarily set the filling weight according to their own needs.
D. Can be set for gross weight filling, automatic tare net weight filling and compound (both gross weight and net weight settings work) filling.
E. Rejection function below the lower limit of empty bottles, upper limit filling restriction function (to prevent accidental overfilling).
F. Classification and accumulation, storage of different filling volumes and the number of filled bottles, total weight and amount of liquefied gas.
G. Query by order and conditions (by job number, time, customer number).
H. The main setting parameters and accumulated values have password protection devices to prevent human damage.

Gas Cylinder Weighing Scale

A. Enables accurate chemical feed documentation
B. Warn of dangerous over and underfeed conditions
C. Prevent system from running empty
D. 4-20 MA remote monitoring reduces operator exposure to chemicals

♦ The weighing platform has frame structure which is easy to clean up.
♦ The surface of weighing platform coats anticorrosive dope, faturing corrosion resistance.
♦ The mobile cylinder roller stand can place a variety of cylinders with different specifications.
♦ The surfaces of sensors and junction boxes are processed with special anti-corrosion treatment.
♦ Adaptale for continuously weighing chemical cylinder storing liquid chlorine and ammonia gas.
♦ Suitable for chemical, fertilizer, water, textile printing and dyeing, pesticide manufacturing and other industries.

Product Parameters

Liquefied Petroleum Gas, dimethyl ether, carbon dioxide, natural gas, methane, propane, butane, acetylene, liquid argon, liquid nitrogen, liquid helium, liquid oxygen, liquid ammonia, liquid chlorine, mixed gas and other liquefied gases.
Weighing Range
Power Supply
110V~220V, 50HZ~60HZ, lithium battery
Accuracy Level
Working Pressure
Optional (according to explosion-proof solenoid valve)
We can customize according to your special requirements.

Product Show

Company Information

WOBO is specialized in gas weighing equipment for Scientific research, development and production.according to ISO9001: 2000 quality system management, we equipped with advanced facilities., is located in Xinxiang, China.Since its establishment, adhere to the truth-seeking innovation, excellence enterprise philosophy, after years of continuous accumulation and development, has become one of the domestic scale of professional gas weighing equipment manufacturers.
We has rich engineering experience and perfect service capabilities. And have a strong rapid research and development response capabilities to provide targeted design products in a timely manner to comprehensively meet customer needs.
The production of gas filling scales are rich in types, full specifications, fast delivery, high cost performance, and obtained a number of national patents.


Q1. What's the warranty period for our product?
A: It depends on different models, normally 1 year.

Q2. How to make the exchange when faulty for mass production?
A: We get to know the problem first, if there are any accessories need to replacement, we will send it to you for free or send together with your next order.

Q3. Can we print my Logo on the item and customized package?
A: Yes, it is free based on specific quantity.

Q4. Can we get sample first before order? How much cost?
A: Yes, normally the sample is free and freight should be collected. For more than 3pcs samples, we will charge as the unit price and refund once you confirmed order.

Q5. What’s the payment terms?
A: TT 30% deposit and balance before delivery.

Q6. What's the leadtime for the sample and the mass production?
A: 7-10 days after receipt of sample cost. And 20-30 days for mass production after receipt of order deposit.

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