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Product Overview


Product Overview

2021 New Design Mobile Branch Crusher
This series of branch shredders are based on imported similar equipment, combined with the new design and production of the domestic market Type branch shredding equipment.
After being crushed, it can be sprayed directly into the transportation vehicle, and the transportation volume is the transportation volume of the original tree branches 1/10, mainly used for gardening, forestry, highway tree conservation, parks, municipal administration, nursery golf Fields, residential properties and other industry sectors; suitable for smashing trees and repairing all kinds of branches that have been cut.
It can be used after smashing.Used as mulch, garden bed, organic fertilizer, edible fungus, papermaking, biomass power generation, and can also be used for production High density board, particle board, paper industry, etc.
At the same time, it can also be directly returned to the field to cover the ground.After the solution, a layer of humus layer can be used to maintain the fertility of the land, and at the same time, it has good moisture retention and avoid Avoiding land exposure can greatly reduce dust.
This branch shredder can smash branches anytime, anywhere, and move convenient.


 Working Principle:
Driven by the diesel engine, it drives the cutting and crushing device to cut, and at the same time drives the hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic system Motor feed roller, hydraulic system and cutter work at the same time, (hydraulic motor drive feed → cutting rotor cutting Crushing), the cutting rotor automatically forms an air flow to convey the scraps, and the air flow high throws the finished product for loading (or stacking).

Machine structure:
This machine mainly includes frame, feeding device, hydraulic system, cutting and crushing device, power system, control System,finished product throwing output device, protective cover, walking traction device, etc.

Machine advantages:
1. Mobile operation: The equipment is equipped with tires, which can be towed and moved. It is powered by a diesel engine and is equipped with a generator, which can charge the battery while working. It is also suitable for day and night operations.
2. Hydraulic feeding: using hydraulic system, hydraulic motor provides power for feeding roller, stable operation, convenient operation, manual control of enter-stop-reverse three gears.
3. Direct loading: The upper 360˚ rotating discharge port can directly spray the crushed wood chips into the compartment, avoiding loading, convenient and fast, and high output.
4. Save labor cost: The volume of the branches can be reduced to 1/8--1/10 of the original after being crushed, which can greatly reduce the transportation cost. Direct loading after crushing eliminates the labor cost of repeated loading and unloading, and has high efficiency.
5. Reasonable structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance, flexible maneuverability, stable operation,
reliable quality, high cost performance, local production with local materials, which saves social resources, avoids environmental pollution, and saves manpower.


The main technical parameters
HR6100 Mobile branch crusher
Two choice diesel engine 32hp or motor 4P-22KW
Knife roller disc diameter
Rotating speed
2600r/min  or 2900r/min
Blade quantity
3 moving knives, 1 static knife
length of blade
Feeding roller diameter
Feeding roller power
Hydraulic motor
Feed size
Feeding gear
Manual control of three gears in one stop and one stop
wheel size
Wheel hub size
13 inch aluminum alloy wheels
Discharging method
360°Rotating spray
Scope of application
Scrap, waste wood, garden pruning wet and dry branches, etc.
Bearings and replace the high-speed butter to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Frequently check the wearing parts, such as blades, screens, etc., and replace them in time if they are seriously worn, so as not to affect the crushing effect.


Engine start and operation position
Engine inner details
Galvanized screws

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Product packaging

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Company Profile

Company Information
Gongyi hongrun machine was established in 1989,and acquire the CE certificates in 2001.we are Chinese manufacturer & exporter of
all kinds of machines.we have over 20 years experience of charcoal making machines,our customers come from different countries and
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Our Advantages

1:Payment and delivery
Payment Term: 30% T/T in advance,70% T/T before delivery.
Delivery Time:within 15 days after the advanced payment.
the pre-sale service is free,when we received your RFQ or inquiry,we will analyze your need and make a most suitable production
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3:Machine installation and operation
we can give our clients the operation handbook and also can guide our clients how to install and operate the machine,if our
clients need we can also let our engineer to your country for the better operation.
Guarantee Time: all the equipments are one year,for the motors are 1year

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