High Precision Decoding Stationary Smart barcode scanner green pass 1D 2D QR Bar Code Reader

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Product Overview


Product Description

Large FOV & DOF small 1d 2d qr barcode scanner for Static object / Dynamic object

Fixed dynamic shooting
Working distance indicator
A:10-100cm , B :5-9cm 
Decoding performance
Fastest: 5/s
Highest relative speed supported: 2m/s (trigger)
L ´ W ´ H: 40mm ´ 35mm ´ 21mm
Size of smallest barcode that can be stably read
Barcode: 5mm height;
QR code: 5´5mm; 10cm distance
Other sizes: 1% larger than the area of ​​the photographed frame
Size of maximum barcode size that can be stably read
< 60% of shooting frame area
Reading specification
Bar code
Code bar, ITF,
Interleaved 2 of 5,
Industrial 2 of 5
QR code
QR,Micro QR,
Data Matrix (ECC200),
Dot Code
Recommended maximum reading tilt
Minimum reading resolution
A: 0.105mm, (QR code)
Sensor type
CMOS, 1/2.8 inch, color, global shutter, 90fps
Pixel number
1024 (Horizontal) × 1024 (Vertical)
Pixel size
Double white LED, single lamp 512 level dimming
Input control
Input type
Optocoupler input

Product Usage

Technical Characteristics
1) Motorized focus function, range 100-1000mm for section A, range 50-90mm for section B
2) Decoding speed up to 5 codes/ s (when best rated according to ISO15415 barcode quality)
3) Recognize/decipher up to 16 codes per shot
4) Capture object speed: external trigger 2m/s, continuous shooting 0.25m/s
5) Field of view: 48.8 degrees diagonal
6) Support minimum barcode size, section A 5 x 5mm, section B 3 x 3mm, (available barcode accounts for more than 1% of the field
of view as a reference value)
7) Support Ethernet, USB-HID, RS232 communication. Ethernet mode can be multi-set network.
8) Equipped with two dimmable white LEDs
9) Support decoding template auto-adaptation (for specific type of acceleration), and support saving up to 16 templates

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Company Introduction

SmartGiant Technology is an experienced provider of online automated testing solutions, integrating services of R&D,
manufacturing, sales, and after-sales maintenance.
● Professional optical darkrooms, calibration rooms, and high-temperature aging rooms
● Factory areas over 4,800 m²

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Q: What is the effective reading distance of the product? What if I need reading codes in XXX distance?
A: Argos has an autofocus lens. The focus distance of type A is 100-1000mm and section B is 50-90mm. Argos makes the image clear by electronically adjusting it at any point of the focus distance. Effective reading also requires a condition that the target code is within the image range, and the image accounts for more than 1%. Approximate conversions can be made based on FOV and bar code sizes. It is recommended that this be determined on the basis of actual testing.

Q: Why is the pre-work configuration of the product more complicated than the handheld? How to assess whether it is reading code stably?
A: The handheld scanner is because the position of the code is known to people and the angle can be constantly changed during reading to make the scanner achieve the best reading conditions. Argos is a fixed scanner, which needs to find a better reading condition by adjusting the image and light in advance, and then fix the parameters to achieve repetitive work. During the adjustment process, you need to make sure that the code is captured clearly and completely in a fixed position, without glare and large distortion. When reading a test, you can evaluate it by outputting information from the information bar. With fast reading speed and high success rate, it can be judged as reading stably.

Q: Can the product only read bar codes, DM and QR codes? Can it read codes and perform character recognition, image positioning, and presence recognition at the same time? Can it be customized according to the depth of the scene?
A: Argos is an industrial barcode reader. Please refer to the specification for the supported code types.
Argos is a standard product and does not accept customization of other functions.

Q: How many angles can the product tilt when taking a code?
A: It is recommended that the tilt angle be less than 20 degrees in practical application. When the product is tilted, the barcode may be deformed (near large and far small), or not completely clear (near clear and then blurred), which may affect the reading, but the actual impact depends on the printing of the specific code. It is recommended to pass the actual test.

Q: How does the product shoot dynamic barcodes?
A: The product is equipped with a global shutter sensor to take dynamic code without distortion, but very short exposure time need to be manually adjusted to ensure no dynamic blurring. If the shooting brightness is insufficient after adjusting the exposure, additional light support is required.

Q: What kind of communication modes and protocols does the product support?
A: The product supports Ethernet, UBS-HID and RS232 communication modes. Only autonomous protocols are supported.

Q: How does the product reading synchronize with the device?
A: The product has a level output port and a level input port. Capturing and decoding can be triggered by an external level, and
the result (success/fail) can be defined to the level output port by software configuration to synchronize with the external device.

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