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Product Overview


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Product Description

The edible marker is made by edible ink (which consists of edible raw material such as water, glycerol, edible pigment, essence and so on) and pharmaceutical grade pen container. Food Coloring Markers can be used again and again just like regular markers, Add fun and dazzling color to countless foods. Decorate cookies, cakes and more! And it’s also a good choice for Children drawing.



Main Features:

The markers were mainly used for food and food packaging DIY graffiti, children safety graffiti.

1.      Good writing performance: do not fade when writing,easy washing with water,fades when rubbed by hand.

2.      Environmental protection: all components are made of pharmaceutical auxiliary materials, in line with food production requirements.

3.      Safe and health: use water and glycerol as solvent, health and environmental protection.

4.      Stability: smooth writing, not easy to dry, long preservation time.

5.      Rich colors : with six colors like black, yellow, magenta, cyan, green, purple.

6.      Versatile, artistic nib draws fine detail, medium or broad lines, depending on the angle in which the pen is held

7.      These pens will write on any dried, firm food surface

8.      Wipe tip on clean paper towel during use, if needed

9.      After opening, close the cap in refrigerator to prolong use

10.  Contain only food grade color.


Technical indicators:




1.      The warranty period is one year.

2.      The markers should be stored at room temperature, dry and cool place, keep away from heat source.

3.      In order to extend the service life, close the pen cap as soon as possible after use .



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