Factory direct Variety Size high quality mmo gr1 gr2 platinum coated titanium anode mesh 1pc price

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As an electrode material, platinum has the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance, high electrocatalytic activity, high oxygen evolution potential and low hydrogen evolution potential. However, the scarcity and high price of platinum restrict the application of pure platinum electrode in electrochemical industry. Platinum titanium anode is a special electrode with platinum plating (coating) layer prepared by special process using titanium materials with high specific strength, good thermal stability, strong corrosion resistance and excellent self passivation ability as the base material. The platinum titanium anode technology obtained in this way has the performance of pure platinum electrode and can greatly reduce the cost, so it is widely used in the electrochemical field.

Platinum plated anode (platinum coated anode): titanium is the base material. The surface is plated with precious metal platinum, the coating thickness is generally 1-5um, and the mesh size of platinum titanium mesh is generally 12.7 x 4.5mm or 6 x 3mm.

Titanium anode is the anode in titanium based metal oxide coating. According to the different surface catalytic coatings, they have the functions of oxygen evolution and chlorine evolution respectively. General electrode materials should have good conductivity, small pole distance change, strong corrosion resistance, good mechanical strength and processing performance, long service life, low cost, and good electro catalytic performance for electrode reaction. At present, titanium is the metal that can best meet the above comprehensive requirements.

1) Grade 1 titanium as substrate, mixed Ru-Ir oxide as coating,
2) Grade 1 titanium as substrate, mixed Ir-Ta oxide as coating
3) Grade 1 titanium as substrate,Platinum as coating
Sand blasting,Acid washing,Brush Coating & Sintering
Dimension and Shape
Different dimension and shape is available,or according to custom
design /drawing
Working Parameter
1) Current density≤2000A/M2
Plastic or paper as inside, carton or plywood case as outside,
or according to client's demand

Product performance of platinum coated titanium electrode

1. Strong corrosion resistance, durability and high temperature resistance, high stability, can be used for various media
2. Compared with pure gold and pure platinum electrodes, the cost is lower, but the electrochemical performance is similar;
3. The overpotential is very high for oxygen evolution reaction and very low for hydrogen evolution reaction;
4. It has the characteristics of high output current density, uniform conductivity and low loss, and is suitable for making insoluble anode.

Note: Platinum plated anode (platinum titanium mesh/platinum titanium plate) titanium is the base material. The surface is plated with precious metal platinum,
Platinum coating thickness is generally 15UM (microns).

Product application

Company Profile

Relying on the abundant industry resources of "China's Titanium Capital", the complete titanium industry chain, and the strong strength of nonferrous metal research and manufacturing, the company has advanced titanium materials and production technology, specializing in the production of titanium electrodes, titanium standard parts, titanium materials, titanium products, etc. Products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber, construction, metallurgy, food, sewage treatment and other industries. The company mainly deals in: titanium electrodes; Ruthenium based titanium electrode (chlorine evolution), iridium based coated titanium electrode (oxygen evolution), platinum based titanium electrode. It is used in metal foil making, copper foil dotting, cathodic protection, organic electrolytic synthesis, etching solution regeneration and recycling cyclone electrolysis, hydrometallurgy, HHO generator, sewage treatment, chlor alkali industry, diaphragm caustic soda production, chlorate industry, electrolysis of nitrogen dioxide, electrolysis of acidic water, electrolysis of seawater to produce chlorine, sterilization of circulating water in power plants, electrodeposition of metals in chloride system, electrolysis of ionized water, electrodialysis, electrolysis of ionized water, electroplating Oxidized acidic potential water, HHP generator and other industries.

Material classification: titanium cathode plate, titanium seed plate, pure titanium plate, titanium alloy plate, titanium wire, titanium mesh, titanium flange, titanium rod

Titanium tube, titanium cake and titanium ring, titanium materials, titanium profiled parts, stainless steel materials, plastic products, hardware, industrial electrical appliances.

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