Custom Colors Wood Wool Board Sound Absorption Acoustic Panels for Indoor Decoration (1600669674569)

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Product Overview


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Product Description

Wood fiber acoustic panel
Wood fiber sound insulation is an environment-friendly and recyclable material, which is made of wood fiber, cement and high-temperature and high-pressure water. It is made of about 65% poplar wood fiber and about 35% cement. The fibers are coated in cement and bonded together under pressure to form a stable, durable, compact and durable structure. It does not contain any industrial adhesive, and the formaldehyde emission complies with the national environmental standard E1.

Fiber is a mineral substance. It is processed under high temperature and high pressure by continuous operation process, which can prevent the biodegradation process while maintaining the mechanical properties of wood, make the fiber completely inert, and improve its fire resistance. The fire resistance can reach the national B1 level.

Wood fiber sound-absorbing board is composed of poplar fiber and unique inorganic cement adhesive. A uniform continuous porousstructure is naturally formed between the fiber filaments. This structure has excellent air resistance, which is particularly important for sound absorption. NRC sound absorption coefficient is up to 0.8.

Key Features and Benefits

* High rate of sound-absorption and sound insulation

* Environmental-friendly and fireproof

* Structure burliness, high resilience, shock resistance

* Can be cut arbitrarily

* Easy to construction


Product name
Wood wool acoustic panel
Product ingredients
wood fiber and inorganic cement
1220*2440mm.Other Size
Natural Color, Can be painted
15mm/ 20mm/ 25mm
Environmental protection level
Fireproof level
Nail& Screw attach to keel

The product is cut from the whole panel, and the size of the whole panel is 1220mm × 2440mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm thick (we have these three kinds of panels in stock). Due to manual measurement, there may be 1-3mm error, which belongs to the normal range. We can cut them into other sizes according to your requirements. Please contact the salesman about the cutting shape.Other OEM thicknesses or sizes are acceptable.It should be noted that the division of the board will affect secondary sales and cannot be returned.

Our products have 12 colors to choose from, you can also customize the color, our company will provide you with the best service.

Application scenario

The wood wool sound-absorbing board has a unique and elegant texture, which can fully reflect the designer's ideas and creativity. It combines the advantages of wood and cement: light as wood, strong as cement.

Wood fiber sound-absorbing board has good plasticity, and its surface can be painted with different colors. It can also be customized and cut into various shapes (such as triangles, pentagons, hexagons, etc.). It can even be cut into any shape and chamfer on site, which fully realizes the designer's creativity and ideas.

Wood fiber sound insulation board is widely used in the interior design of public and residential buildings. It is ecologically friendly and harmless to health. These panels are ideal for suspended ceiling structures and wall finishes. Kapok sound-absorbing board is widely used in conference rooms, offices, hotels, offices, auditorium, studios and other places. Especially in KTV, clubs, cafes and home theaters.

Installation Instructions

Installation - Method 1
1. If there is no keel on the wall, glued with seccotine.

Installation - Method 2
1. Wooden wool sound-absorbing board keel+cotton board+sound insulation felt;

2. After installing the keel (ordinary open type or semi open type), usually use screws to fix the kapok sound-absorbing board on the keel;

3. 600 x 600 mm and 600 x 1200 mm are more appropriate when installing the kapok sound absorption board on the keel, which depends on the weight of the kapok sound absorption board.

Packing & Delivery

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.
10-15 sheets pet acoustic sheet packed in one plastic bag one plastic bag packed in carton We also accept customer special packing requirement.

Company Profile

Joyo meihua is located in Changshu and Suzhou (near Shanghai). Since 2014, we have been a professional manufacturer of polyester fiber acoustic panels, acoustic blankets and acoustic cotton.

The factory covers an area of 1000 square meters and has three 24-hour production lines. We have a very large warehouse, and more than 100000 acoustic panels can be shipped at any time. More than 100 employees do their best to provide customers with the best products.


We have many world-famous partners, and our business scope covers more than ten countries.

Our products have passed the professional testing of CE CERT.,ISO9001,SGS CERT.,SUPPLIER,SGS CERT. and other institutions, which can guarantee the sound insulation effect to you.

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Q: Do you have any other sizes?
Our wood wool acoustic panel is cut from the whole panel, and can be cut into any shape according to your requirements.Please contact the salesman about the cutting shape.

Q: Can I do DIY?
It can be cut by itself, but it is not very recommended. Wood fiber sound-absorbing board contains cement, which is hard to cut without cutting machine. We can cut it into any shape for you.

Q: Is there any way to improve the sound insulation effect of the sound absorption plate?
If you pay more attention to the sound absorption effect, we strongly recommend you to install the composite of kapok sound absorption board keel+cotton board+sound insulation felt. The sound insulation effect is better than sticking the sound absorption board with glue.

Q: How to enhance fire resistance?
If you have higher fire protection requirements, you can brush a layer of fire retardant paint on the wooden keel, or use light steel keel instead of wooden keel.

Q: Are samples provided?
Samples which are available in warehouse can be offered free.
We usually charge 3 times the price for the production of new samples and make payment after meeting the formal order of the minimum order quantity.

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