HZ-1005F ASTM D86 D850 D1078 ISO 3405 Laboratory Petroleum Oil Distillation Unit

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HZ-1005F ASTM D86 D850 D1078 ISO 3405 Laboratory Petroleum Oil Distillation Unit

Product Description


I. Executive standards:

GB/T6536-2010 ASTM D86 ASTM D 850 ASTM D 1078 - IP195 ISO3405 Determination of Atmospheric Distillation Characteristics of Petroleum Products, GB/T7534-2004 Determination of Boiling Range of Industrial Volatile Organic Liquids, Determination of Methanol and Alcohol Determination of distillation range of similar products and determination of boiling range of chemical reagents in GB/T615-2006.

II. Temperature measuring range:

0~400±0.01C, temperature measuring element: PT100 (original temperature measuring sensor of German B+B company), heating system adopts silicon carbide ceramic heater, which is safe and reliable, has long service life and fast heat dissipation.

III. Volume measurement range:

0- 100±0.01ml (infrared measuring cylinder reading system imported from the United States), each step is 0.01 ml, the instrument has its own measuring cylinder identification system, and does not need to replace the measuring cylinder to repeat the calibration, and comes with its own measuring cylinder chip identification.

IV. Distillation rate:

0~10ml/min can be set arbitrarily according to the experimental requirements, the normal rate is 4~5ml/min.

V. The temperature range of the condensing tube: 0~80±0.1 C; Antifreeze is added to the bath of compressor refrigeration (Danfuss imported from Germany), with a circulation system, the constant temperature is uniform, it is not volatile and flammable, and it does not need to be replaced for a long time. Using semiconductor and compressor mutual refrigeration unit, the cooling speed is fast.

VI. The temperature control range of the measuring cylinder:

0~80±0.1 C C; the recovery room is equipped with a fan to make the temperature uniform and good sealing, preventing air convection, and has its own measuring cylinder identification system, if there is no measuring cylinder, the instrument stops the experiment,

VII. Display function:

10-inch color LCD touch screen, full Chinese operation interface, thevolume and temperature numerical parameters can be set arbitrarily, the temperature volume curve graph is displayed during the experiment, and the value of each set point is recorded, and at the same time, it has permission management Function, effectively avoid non-professionals to set the key parameters of the analyzer.


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