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Product Overview


Product Description

Product Name
LoRa /LoRaWAN Soil NPK moisture temperature EC salinity PH 8 in 1 sensor 
Probe type
Probe electrode
Measurement parameters
Soil Soil NPK moisture temperature EC salinity PH Value
NPK Measuring range
0 ~ 1999mg/kg
NPK Measurement accuracy
NPK Resolution
Moisture measuring range
Moisture Measurement accuracy
±2% (m3/m3)
Moisture Measurement resolution
EC Measuring range
EC Measuring accuracy
±3% in the range of 0-10000us/cm; 
±5% in the range of 10000-20000us/cm
EC Measuring resolution
10 us/cm
Salinity Measuring range
Salinity Measuring accuracy
±3% in the range of 0-5000ppm
±5% in the range of 5000-10000ppm
Salinity Measuring resolution
PH measuring range
3 ~ 7 PH
PH Measurement accuracy
PH Resolution
0.01/0.1 PH
A:RS485 (standard Modbus-RTU protocol, device default address: 01)
Output signal with wireless
Supply voltage
Working temperature range
-30 ° C ~ 70 ° C
Stabilization time
5-10 seconds after power on
Response time
<1 second
Sealing material
ABS engineering plastic, epoxy resin
Waterproof grade
Cable specification
Standard 1 meter (can be customized for other cable lengths, upto 1200 meters)

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Advantage 1: Send the test kits totally free

Send a RS485 to USB converter freely

The converter can connect the sensor to the PC end directly

Send Serial debugging software in English version freely

So you can test the soil NPK directly when you receive the sample.

Advantage 2: Terminal end with the Screen and the

Datalogger with SD card can be customizable.

*Detailed price please consult the customer service.

Advantage 3: The LORA/ LORAWAN/ GPRS /4G /WIFI wireless module can be customizable.

*Detailed price please consult the customer service.

Product Usage

Soil Surface measure method 
1. Select a representative soil environment to clean up surface debris and vegetation
2. Insert the sensor vertically and completely into the soil
3. If there is a hard object, the measurement location should be replaced and re-measured
4. For accurate data, it is recommended to measure multiple times and take the average

Buried measure method
1. Make a soil profile in the vertical direction, slightly deeper than the installation depth of the bottommost sensor, between 20cm and 50cm in diameter.
2. Insert the sensor horizontally into the soil profile
3. After the installation is completed, the excavated soil is backfilled in order, layered and compacted, and horizontal installation is guaranteed.
4. If you have the conditions, you can put the removed soil in a bag and number it to keep the soil moisture unchanged, and backfill it in reverse order.

Three-tier installation
Six-tier installation

Measure Notes
1. All probe must be inserted into the soil during measurement.
2. Avoid excessive temperature caused by direct sunlight on the sensor. Pay attention to lightning protection in the field
3. Do not pull the sensor lead wire with force, do not hit or violently hit the sensor.
4. The protection grade of the sensor is IP68, which can soak the entire sensor in water.
5. Due to the presence of radio frequency electromagnetic radiation in the air, it should not be energized in the air for a long

Available Nitrogen
(N: mg/Kg)
Available Phosphorus
(P: mg/Kg)
Available Potassium
(K: mg/Kg)
Fertility rating
First grade
Second grade
Medium to high fertility
Third grade
Medium fertility
Fourth grade
Lack of fertilizer

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Company Introduction

Honde Technology CO.,LTD founded in the year of 2011, adheres to the business philosophy of technology making our
life better. Our company is an IOT company dedicated to the R&D, production, sales of smart water equipment, smart
agriculture equipment and smart environmental equipment and the related solutions provider.The products sell well
in more than 70 countries, serve thousands of customers around the world, and have received unanimous praise.
We are looking forward to working with you to make our life better due to the blessing of science and technology.


Q: How can I get the quotation?
A: You can send the inquiry on Alibaba or the below contact information, you will get the reply at once.

Q: What's the main characteristics of this soil 8 IN 1 sensor?
A: It is small size and high precision,good sealing with IP68 waterproof, can totally burried in the soil for the 7/24 continuous monitoring and it can measure the soil NPK moisture temperature EC salinity PH 8 values at the same time.
And you can choose the LORA LORAWAN GPRS 4G WIFI wireless module.

Q: What's the frequence of the LORAWAN band?
The LORAWAN collector frequence can be custom made , like 868MHZ,915MHZ,923MHZ and so on.

Q:Could I get samples?
A:Yes,we have materials in stock to help you to get the samples as soon as we can.

Q: What’s the common power supply and signal output?
A: 12 ~ 24V DC.

Q: How can I collect data?
A: You can use your own data logger or wireless transmission module if you have , we supply the RS485-Mudbus communication protocol.We can also supply the matched LORA/LORANWAN/GPRS/4G wireless trnasmission module if you need.

Q: What's the standard cable length?
A: Its standard length is 2m. But it can be customized, MAX can be 1200 meters.

Q: What's the lifetime of this Sensor?
A: At least 3 years or more.

Q: May I know your warranty?
A: Yes, usually it’s 1 year.

Q:What's the delivery time?
A: Usually, the goods will be deliveried in 1-3 working days after receiving your payment. But it depends on your quantity.

Q: What is the other application scenario can be applied to in addition to agriculture?
A:Oil pipeline transportation leakage monitoring, natural gas pipeline leakage transportation monitoring, anti-corrosion monitoring

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