Waved Flat Roof Tile Solar Panel PV Station 2-in-1 Roof Solar Panel Tile Hybrid Off-Grid Solar Penal Roofing Tiles

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Product Overview



2-in-1 Smart Roof 
Innovative Roof Solutions That Generate Electricity From The Sun, Factory From China .
We developed the first fully-integrated solar rooftop shingle system in China. Sangobuild as factory focus on roofing system since 2006, now brings clean and affordable energy to customers who want beauty and quality craftsmanship.
Recognized as pioneers in BIPV solar roofing, continuous innovation has been the heart of our company for over 15 years.

Its success of integrating solar into a roof is determined by its key advantages: It functions as a roof while also generating electricity from the sun without additional photovoltaic installations and looks like modern roof tiles. Fewer parts are needed compared to a standard roof & photovoltaic installation. A solar roof from Sangobuild creates the smallest CO2 footprint in its category, bringing us closer to achieving climate neutrality.

By combining innovation and good design, we want to actively participate in creating the sustainable cities of the future and switching to renewable energy.

Australia Solar Roof Tiles Shingles Grid-Connected PV Power Station Red Solar Roofing Tiles Photovoltaic Solar Roof Tiles

BIPV Solar Tiles
Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) energy is revolutionizing how homeowners can incorporate solar energy production into
their homes.

BIPVs are built into the house's vital exterior elements. In this sense, BIPVs serve the double function of generating renewable
for your home from the sun while also performing the necessary structural tasks of certain building elements.

The target group for the integrated Sangobuild is not only people who are looking for a premium roof; it is a solution for everybody
interested in the design aspects of roof integration.

Physical Date
S-1 (Small Size)
S-2 (Full Size)
Low-iron tempered glass/3.2mm
Low-iron tempered glass/3.2mm
Battery Size
182*91mm (2*5)
182*91mm (5*12)
Junction Box
Cable Type
450mm / 4mm²
900mm / 4mm²
Cable Joiner
>30 years
>30 years

Started from traditional roofing business. Sangobuild is good at to finish your project perfectly.
Sangobuild BIPV roofing systems including roof part accessories like above, and also the batteries, inverters for finishing your house roof perfectly.
Australia Solar Roof Tiles Shingles Grid-Connected PV Power Station Red Solar Roofing Tiles Photovoltaic Solar Roof Tiles


Solar Roof Tiles Structures
Glass / glass solar panels are the most commonly used technology in energy generating buildings. This technology so far has the highest durability rate against harsh environmental conditions and longer lifespan

Roofing System
We provide roofing solutions that can be applied as an addition to an existing roof or instead of any other roofing.

It also could use to "replace" the following building elements:
* Roofs
* Facades or exterior cladding
* Windows
* Skylights
* Attached greenhouses
* Pergolas
* Balcony railings

House Structures
BIPV solutions for roofing and solar roof tile projects are already successfully implemented and generating energy across Europe in Scandinavia region, Middle East and North America.

Our flexible manufacturing allows us to deliver visually appealing and cost & energy efficient roofing solutions.

Despite changing sun illumination, solar roof tiles is a brilliant way for different world regions to fight CO2 emissions and lower the carbon footprint of growing cities.

Prodcut Features

BIPV - Titan Roof
Sangobuild® Solar Roof Systems are innovative building integrated solar solutions that provide customers an attractive alternative to standard solar.
Sangobuild Solar Roof Systems integrate directly into the roof instead of being mounted on a bulky rack system over the roof,
providing customers a durable roof and a sleek, low-profile solar system in one!
Do you like the look of Sangobuild? If so, you are not alone – surveys show that 3 out of 4 homeowners would prefer an integrated
solar option. With Sangobuild, now you have a choice!

Sangobuild is professional factory of stone coated roofing sheets.
The flexibility and robustness of BIPV’s lightweight technology allows the Sangobuild Panel Roof system to be embedded
and pre-bonded in the factory setting.
BIPVco also offers a retrofit system that can be installed on the majority of Metrotile Lightweight Roofing profiles.

High aesthetic performance, combining classic and modern together.

We love waves! The beautiful lines in our rooftop is suit for many culture of building.

Flat roof, S tiles roof. Sangobuild is innovating more BIPV roof series to meet different demands.

Procedure Of Production

Product Description

High Level Aluminum Manganese Alloy Slate Roofing Tiles For Art Museum Modern Roof Covering Materials
Australia Solar Roof Tiles Shingles Grid-Connected PV Power Station Red Solar Roofing Tiles Photovoltaic Solar Roof Tiles


Projects Show

Solar panels can be used as solar facade cladding solution that fits both new facades (for integration) and existing facades for
renovation or update of facade, turning it to energy efficient building solution.

Our PV facade modules are lightweight and pricecompetitive, therefore can be chosen as building cladding option to achieve visual appeal and energy efficiency.

Our produced solar panels can be customized to fit your prefered system of mounting/ fixation to the wall.

New Roof Project
BIPV products used to be exclusively for roofing. This feature makes sense since our roofs generally receive the most direct solar

For Roof Innovation and Repair
Most early innovators in BIPV technology focused on replacing traditional roofing with panels, tiles, or shingles that could generate renewable solar energy while protecting the home from the elements.


The Certificate We Have
All cerificated!
Australia Solar Roof Tiles Shingles Grid-Connected PV Power Station Red Solar Roofing Tiles Photovoltaic Solar Roof Tiles


Where Can You Install Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)?

Essentially, anywhere that sunlight directly hits the exterior surface of your home, homeowners can potentially incorporate BIPV products into the building design. Companies that operate in the BIPV market continue to find ingenious ways to integrate BIPV products into the building envelope seamlessly. They can be part of standard building components such as facades, roofs, or windows. Though you could not generate electricity by placing solar panels on your home foundation, virtually anywhere that sunlight is present, you may be able to find a BIPV product to install.

How Much Energy Can BIPVs Produce?
The exact amount of energy that BIPV products or systems can produce is contextual. The total amount of energy will depend on several environmental factors related to your home location,

Insolation/Solar Radiation: The average amount of solar radiation your home receives, as calculated by kWh/m2/day, is the most common way to describe the amount of solar resources in a particular area. Check out this tool provided by the US Department of Energy to determine your home's solar radiation potential.

Climate and other Weather Conditions: Both scorching summer temperatures and continuously cloudy/rainy conditions can negatively affect the system output for all types of BIPVs. Also, urban areas with high levels of air pollution may increase cleaning and maintenance requirements to ensure the BIPV systems operate at maximum efficiency.

Shading Conditions: Though solar technologies today deal better with shady conditions, the presence of trees, buildings, and other structures that block the sun from your home for long periods of the day will reduce the BIPV system energy production.

Generally speaking, 1 square meters Sangobuild BIPV roofing tiles could generates 0.7kw per day.

Are BIPVs Worth It?
The primary appeal of BIPV products is two fold.

1: BIPV systems increase the space on and around that home where you can turn solar radiation into usable energy for your home.

2: More importantly, is the economic factor because BIPV products serve a double function. They provide renewable energy while also protecting the house, reducing the cost of autonomous solar energy generation for homeowners.

In EUROPE, house owner get cost back averagely in 5 years! After 5years, the roof is getting income for you!

How Long do BIPVs Last?
Another added economic benefit with some BIPV systems is that they could potentially be much more durable than the building systems/elements they replace. For example, most asphalt shingle roofs have an average lifespan of 15 years. Conversely, most solar shingles will last 25-30 years with only a small drop in efficiency towards the end of that lifespan. The total economic savings associated with a BIPV roof, then, should take into consideration the cost of two roof installations. You could apply the same principle to solar facades and other BIPV systems.

Is There Any Warranty Letters From Sangobuild?
with the following specifications/warrantees:
* Tile warranty: 30 years
* Power warranty: 30 years
* Weatherization warranty: 30 years
* Wind rating: ASTM D3161 Class F
* Fire rating: Class A (highest rating)
* Hail rating: ANSI FM 4473 Class 3

Does battery, inverters and necessary accessories come together?
Sangobuild offer different set meal to customer. All accessories are optional.
Of course, we can provide the full system to you.

Where I can get samples?
Send us inquiry to get samples.

Australia Solar Roof Tiles Shingles Grid-Connected PV Power Station Red Solar Roofing Tiles Photovoltaic Solar Roof Tiles

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