Secondary steelmaking cored wire Refining outside the furnace

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Product Overview


Product Description

It is made of steel strip wrapped in alloy powder. According to the different alloy powder can be divided into: silicon calcium cored wire, silicon manganese calcium wire, barium silicate calcium wire, Barium aluminum wire, aluminum calcium wire, calcium iron wire, pure calcium wire and so on. Winding looks like a coil. It is different from cored yarn used in textile industry.

Bundle conductor can be more effective in the process of steelmaking and casting in steel or iron smelting material, through professional feed line equipment package of core can be inserted into the ideal position, when a package of conductor skin melted wire core can be fully dissolved in an ideal position and produces chemical reaction, effectively avoid the with air, the reaction of the slag, improved the smelting material absorption rate, Widely used as deoxidizer, desulfurizer and alloy additive, it can change the form of molten steel inclusions and effectively improve the quality of steelmaking and casting products.

Chemical index

Silicon calcium cored wire
Chemical composition:Si55Ca28 
Wire diameter:13mm 
Thickness of the steel strip:0.4-0.45mm 
powder quality(g/m):220 Number of joints
per kilometer:≤ 2

Calcium ferro cored wire
Chemical composition:Ca32Fe68 
Wire diameter:13mm 
Thickness of the steel strip:0.4mm 
powder quality(g/m):250 Number of joints per
kilometer:≤ 2

Calcium ferro cored wire
Chemical composition:C90-98 
Wire diameter:13±0.8 
Thickness of the steel strip:0.35-0.4mm 
powder quality(g/m):135 Number of joints
per kilometer:≤ 2

Alloy spheroidization wire
Chemical composition: Si 42-50 Ca 2-5 Mg 3-35 Re 2-6 
Wire diameter:13±0.8 
Thickness of the steel strip:0.35-0.45mm 
powder quality(g/m):210-230 
Number of joints per kilometer:≤2

Company Profile

Anyang Jinfengda Metallurgical Refractory Co., Ltd. was established in 2018, the factory covers an area of 120,000 square meters, the registered capital of 20 million yuan, 6300KVA alloy refining electric furnace 2, 8 sets of intermediate frequency furnace, aluminum furnace + 1500 aluminum rod continuous casting machine production line. At present, the main products produced and sold are silicon metal, silicon alloy, silicon carbon alloy, medium and low carbon ferromanganese, ferrochromium, silicon manganese, carburizer, inoculant and other products. Companies adhering to the "integrity, responsibility, innovation" spirit of enterprise, the implementation of "service first, quality first" operating policy, to become a strong supplier of metallurgical materials. We sincerely look forward to in-depth exchanges with more friends, and welcome colleagues at home and abroad to visit the factory to discuss cooperation.

Test way

All internationally recognized testing methods

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Shipping marks are printed or hung on tonnage bags


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Our Advantages

1.Production of some ferroalloys, can control the product formula and quality.
2.Operating ferroalloy trade for many years, can trade most ferroalloy products, to meet the various needs of customers.
3.The good faith management,The contract will not be terminated for any improper reason.
4.Strict cargo monitoring process, will not produce quality problems, do not escape any quality problems.
5.Support FOB,CFR,CIF delivery mode.
6.Payment terms are negotiable.

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