Great quality new crop unsteamed green buckwheat natural pure buckwheat grain with competitive price

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Product Description

Green buckwheat

Unsteamed buckwheat groats, top grade, without gluten grains, made from raw materials of natural drying, GMO-free, packing in 30 kg bags.

Company Profile

About company
The production company "StroyAllians" LLC has been on the market since 2012. The main direction of the company: the production of peas, green buckwheat, lentils, green plate of 5 plus caliber. All products pass petcus and color sorter. Our products are gluten-free. Green buckwheat is produced exclusively from naturally dried raw materials, our technologists carefully select raw materials without gluten grains.

We can also offer gluten-free broken green buckwheat. Split peas: productivity of 1000 tons/month. Lentils: productivity of 1000 tons/month. Packing is performed at the request of the client. We can also offer crops such as: buckwheat, whole raw peas, rapeseed, flax, barley, oats, wheat, soy. The company "StroyAl'yans" LLC is in the register of exporters to China. We offer to work transparently and honestly on pre-agreed terms, the registration number of our company as an exporter in the The Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision: RU-022/RY39586.

You can find out all the details by contacting us, we will calculate the delivery to your port.

Our products are grown in pristine places of the Altai Territory, which is famous for its cleanest ecology. Therefore, our products are environmentally friendly, do not contain GMOs and have the highest percentage of germination of 99.99%.

Our organization has established itself as a responsible company that is attentive to the wishes of its customers. We constantly monitor prices and product range, which allows our partners to save not only their own money, but also time.


Additional Services

1. Supplier and counterparty search and verification in Altai Krai, Russian Federation;
2. Reliability testing of suppliers;
3. Assistance in purchasing product samples;
4. Market analysis of the goods you're interested in;
5. Price survey, detailed report of the price difference for products;
6. Several commercial offers for the products of interest;
7. Contact details of potential partners;
8. Photo and video materials of the office, production capacities, stock availability of products in the warehouse of potential suppliers;
9. Conduct of pre-contract negotiations, transaction support.

1. 在俄罗斯阿尔泰边疆区寻找并调查供应商,合作伙伴
2. 调查供应商是否可靠
3. 帮助取样
4. 分析您感兴趣的产品市场
5. 监测价格,分析产品价格分布
6. 根据您方感兴趣的产品提供多种供应方案
7. 提供潜在合作商联系方式
8. 提供潜在供应商库存,产能,办公地点等信息的视频和照片
9. 参与谈判,业务陪同



1. Can I get samples?
Yes, sample up to 1 kilogram. Delivery at your expense.
2. Can I have my own customized product?
3. How long does it take to calculate the shipping cost?
2 hours.
4. Do you offer a discount depending on the quantity of the order?
5. Do you offer after sales service?

4.4932 s.