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Product Overview


Product Features

Product Name
DuraOne Aqua Coating Spray
250 ml
Shelf Life
Unopened Package 2 Years
Our Aqua Coating Spray is designed to incorporate the following properties:
1. Super hydrophobic as you wish, excellent water beading result
2. Prolonged protection lasts up to 3 months
3. Ultimate gloss and slick touch
4. Comply with RoHS, water based and environmentally Friendly Formula 
5. Cost Efficient - One Bottle can coat 5 cars
6. Replace wax for better paint protection
7. Apply on paint surface, plastic and rubber parts, side windows. 
8. Easy to use DIY, 3 minutes to coat a car
9. OEM/ODM service is available

Paint Protection  
Dura Aqua Coating Spray not only offers excellent high gloss shine, but also an outstanding hydrophobic property. This transparent layer of coating helps keep your vehicle clean and prevents dirt, dust and other contaminants from hurting your paint.

Replace Wax/Ceramic Coating After Care 

Replacing Wax/Ceramic coating after care, Dura Aqua Coating provides a time- saving and super easy option for DIY users, and you just need to regularly wash the car to ensure the optimal durability after coated.

Uncoated VS Coated  
The Aqua Coating will form a layer of protection to prevent dirt, dust or other contaminants sticking on car paint!

Super Hydrophobic  
The coated areas will show amazing beading effect which repels water, dirt, and oil and keeps the car paint clean and shine.

Ultimate Gloss and Slick Touch  
After applied, it enhances any car paint with extreme glossy shine, deep-wet reflection, and super slick touch.

How to Use

Easy To Use DIY  
Wash car thoroughly before use. Coating a car just requires less than 3 minutes! You can just simply spray Dura Aqua coating on car paints and wipe off with a microfiber towel – 2 easy steps instantly give your car a like-new shine!

Lasts Up To 3 Months  
Each application could last up to 3 months. Dura Aqua coating can significantly reduce your maintenance work.

One Bottle Coats  5 Cars  
Only 50ML is required for a mid-size vehicle. Each bottle of Dura Aqua Coating can be used for 5 times or on 5 vehicles on average. It is definitely one of the most economical and worth purchasing coating product on the market.

Apply On Paint Surface/Plastic And Rubber 

Parts/Side Windows
Ultimate Aqua Coating to work on all paints, glass windows, plastic and rubber parts and even headlights! However, it's not suggested to use on the windshield.

Comply with RoHS, Water Based

And Environmentally Friendly Formula  
JMOW are dedicated to provide and focus on high quality and safe detailing products to every customer and the Eco-friendly formula is not harmful to the user and the applied surface.


With 25 years of OEM and ODM experience in Taiwan, we are capable to customize products and provide superior services. Let Our Brand Be Your Brand!

About Us


Made in Taiwan. Our car care products
are developed, mixed, bottled, labeled, and shipped from JMOW's parent company
Brave Chemical Group, an expert in wax related applications with reputation in manufacturing and developing quality and innovative products for over forty years.

Detailing Experience

JMOW gains extensive detailing knowledge while operating own detailing shops.
All products are tested before selling to
ensure everything you put on your treasured vehicles is the finest quality. And we are capable to provide training for dealership,
body shop and detail shops for using our professional detailing products.


With rich experiences and advanced R & D, we are capable to support ODM / OEM services to meet your diverse needs.

One Stop Solution

A full range of products, combined with professional application techniques, allows us to assist customers in establishing their
own detailing services, and serving more than 100,000 vehicles in the past five years. We provide one stop solution to meet your
needs for detailing in software and hardware.

Clients We Serve

Satisfied clients & distributors all around the world in America, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Full Range of Quality Products

Specialized in cleaning and maintenance chemicals, we offer full range of quality car cleaners, waxes, polish compounds, and coatings at reasonable price.

Fast Shipping & Delivery

Fast delivery service is key strategy for E-commerce. We promise to all customers most orders will be shipped within 14 days upon receiving your payment.

Clients We Serve From Start-ups to Enterprise

From start-ups to enterprise-we can help, no matter where you are located at. JMOW partner with a wide variety of clients across the global. If you look for a long-term partner, we are your best choice.

Start a Business Cooperation With JMOW Now

JMOW always follows the needs of clients and grows up with clients as a reliable OEM/ODM partner. Come build a long-term cooperation with JMOW. We will help and support you get to market faster.


Q1. What should I notice before applying Aqua Coating Spray?

Properly prepare the car before coating is required. Wash the car and decontamination as needed, as well as polish to remove deep scratches and IPA wipe to remove polish oil or leftover residue.

Q2. Where can it be applied?

Except for the front windshield of the car, it can be applied on car paints, plastic and rubber parts, and side windows.

Q3. Do I need to wax the coated surfaces after applied?

If you already apply the coating, we suggest to regularly wash the car instead of waxing to ensure the optimal durability.

Q4. Can it be used on mate and satin paints?

Yes, Aqua Coating Spray can be applied on any car paint surfaces such as metallic, matte, and satin paint.

Q5. When do I need to reapply again?

If the hydrophobic effect degrades, please reapply the coating on top of the previous coating when necessary. Stack coating will enhance features, and make your car shiny and glossy than ever.

Q6. Does it need to be diluted?

It is ready to use. Don't need to be diluted.

Q7. After using for three months, how to remove the remaining coating?

To remove the remaining coating, please use DuraOne Tar Remover to clean completely.

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