9h ceramic car coating (1600677155427)

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Product Overview


Product Name
9H Nano Car Coating Ceramic Coating For Car Care
Liquid coating
Use On Rubber & Plastic Parts, Car Paints, Aluminum Wheel
Our Ultra Ceramic Coating M36 features the following properties:
1. Ultra UV Resistance
2. Long Period for 36 Months
3. Incredible Corrosion Resistance
4. Super Hydrophobic Water-Beading Results
5. High Gloss Shine
At least 36 months


Q1. What Should I Notice Before Applying Aqua Coating Spray?
Properly prepare the car before coating is required. Wash the car and decontamination as needed, as well as polish to remove deep
scratches and IPA wipe to remove polish oil or leftover residue.

Q2. Where Can It Be Applied?
Except for the front windshield of the car, it can be applied on car paints, plastic and rubber parts, and side windows.

Q3. Do I Need To Wax The Coated Surfaces After Applied?
If you already apply the coating, we suggest to regularly wash the car instead of waxing to ensure the optimal durability.

Q4. Can It Be Used On Mate And satin Paints?
Yes, Aqua Coating Spray can be applied on any car paint surfaces such as metallic, matte, and satin paint.

Q5. When Do I Need To Reapply Again?
If the hydrophobic effect degrades, please reapply the coating on top of the previous coating when necessary. Stack coating will
enhance features, and make your car shiny and glossy than ever.

Q6. Does It Need To Be Diluted?
It is ready to use. Don't need to be diluted.

Q7. After Using For Three Months, How To Remove The Remaining Coating?
To remove the remaining coating, please use DuraOne Tar Remover to clean completely.

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