YMUS ZM benchtop ultrasonic spray coating system ultrasonic vibrator nozzle PEM

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Shanghai Yangmi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

FocusMist series, WideMist series, NanoMist series, Scattering series, Penetrator series and other full series of ultrasonic spray nozzles

1100 MM
910 MM
1300 MM
220V, 50/60Hz
Spray area
100MM- 300MM
Precise control the flow through the system
Slowest speed
Fastest speed

Optional accessories:
◆ dispersion liquid supply technology, which can realize online dispersion, stirring and liquid supply of suspension to avoid solid precipitation during spraying
◆ heating plate to realize on-line heating and spraying of the base
◆ vacuum adsorption heating plate: multi area controllable adsorption, which can effectively adsorb the soft film base
◆ special high-temperature heating platform, with a maximum heating temperature of 500 ° C, can realize the preparation of spray pyrolysis film

Application field:
◆ new energy: fuel cell, membrane electrode, thin film solar cell, proton exchange membrane, etc
◆ medical treatment: balloon catheter, blood collection syringe, stent, biosensor, microfluidic chip, etc
◆ Microelectronics Semiconductor Electronics: flux, photoresist coating, conductive coating, hydrophilic and hydrophobic coating, etc
◆ glass production: glass coating, float glass, photovoltaic glass, photoresist film, transparent conductive, etc
◆ nanotechnology: carbon nanotubes, polymer fibers, nano films, etc

Equipment characteristics:
◆ automatic spraying equipment, using ultrasonic nozzle technology, can provide uniform and efficient film spraying
◆ high precision of coating thickness control: it can prepare coatings from 20 nm to tens of microns, and accurately control the coating thickness
◆ spraying uniformity: > 95%
◆ save raw materials: the utilization rate of raw materials is more than 95%, 4 times that of traditional two fluid spraying
◆ XYZ three axis programmable motion system
◆ touch screen control system
◆ high precision laboratory syringe pump
◆ suitable for all series of ultrasonic nozzles to achieve wide spraying from 1mm to 100mm
◆ imported high-precision pressure reducing valve and liquid valve to achieve high-speed and stable gas-liquid coordination
◆ laser assisted alignment
◆ exhaust system
◆ do not block the nozzle
◆ heat the substrate to realize online pyrolysis spraying. (optional)
◆ automatic cleaning system, which can realize rapid self-cleaning after each spraying. (optional)

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