Suit shoulder pad for shoulder strap tops

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foam shoulder pads fashion

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Spandex/cotton + biological glue

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One size

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All the clothes

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shoulder pads

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How to use in different situation?

Try not to use it during strenuous exercise and a lot of sweating. If you need to use it, try to wear tight clothes. This product is not suitable for wearing in water.

Is it easy to fall?

We use high quality biological glue which is strong and not easy to fall off

How to wash?

Use cold water to rinse or with soap after you use it.

Do you need to pay attention before use?

Before the product is used, you must clean the skin of the chest and keep the skin dry. If there is sweat or dirt on the skin, it can easily affect the stickiness of glue.

What clothes are suitable for invisible bra?

strapless dresses, evening dresses, wedding dresses are suitable for invisible bra

Is the nipple cover disposable?

The nipple covers are not disposable. The glue of the nipple cover is still sticky after washing, which can be reused.

How long can the nipple covers be used?

The number of times of nipple cover is related to the quality of glue. We use the best biological gels that can be wearing about 300 times.

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