Бильярдный стол по низкой цене от производителя, бильярдный стол для 8 футов, 9 футов

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Company Profile

Jiujiang Tian Li he Xi sports products co., ltd
Tenshin, a billiards equipment brand that pursues freedom and vitality and loves sports, is affiliated to Jiujiang Tianli Hexi Sports Goods Co., Ltd. The brand was founded in 2008. In the early stage, it has been dominated by export billiards tables and brand processing. In 2021, Tianxi officially entered the Chinese market. Tianxi brand takes the exquisite materials and fine workmanship as the core competitiveness of the industry, and always demonstrates the king style. Since the establishment of the brand, it has always adhered to the business philosophy of "quality first, customer first, pragmatic innovation, and excellence", and has won the praise of billiards enthusiasts and a large number of followers in the global industry.

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Pocket Material
Cowhide pocket
Rail Material
oak solid wood
Cushion Material
Leg Material
Solid wood


Customize Service Offered
Main material
A-Level Jiujiang Natural Slate+ PVC + Velvet
Billiard Game Pool Table


Slate material
A-Level Jiujiang Natural Slate

Packing & Delivery

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.


1.Who we are?
Billiards slate is the heart of the entire billiards table. Tenshin has its own billiards table slate production plant. After more than 30 years of deep engineering, it has mastered the core technology of producing slate, and achieved full self-produced.At the same time, professional billiards manufacturing equipment is used to achieve mechanization and standardization of production process. Tenshin has a professional and efficient talent team to achieve scientific personnel management and standardized quality inspection. The product design is novel and purposeful to customer needs, which is favored by customers at home and abroad.
2.Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
Tenshin billiards equipment, with fashionable and personalized design and high-quality raw material selection, is very exquisite in workmanship, and is well done from the whole to every small detail, which is favored by people who love fashion sports. It is beautiful, simple, casual and grand. In a nearly perfect state, it presents the world with a new and pioneering wandering color. It is absolutely beautiful and amazing in the glorious century frontier. It not only inherits the style of billiards equipment design and material selection, but also has aesthetic and romantic active colors. It absorbs modern aesthetic ideas and western aesthetic principles, and its shape is cool and fashionable, in line with the trend of the times. They are more and more popular with young people.
3.How can we gurantee quality?
Jiujiang has the second largest high-quality bluestone mine in China, which can produce high quality stones in China. Our factory is located next to the mine. We have special personnel responsible for supervising the production process, from material mining to billiard table production. Our factory does not hoard old goods. All the stone slabs of tables are newly produced, and the quality is guaranteed. At the same time, our company has its own production square and offline physical billiards club in Jiujiang.After more than 30 years of deep engineering, it has mastered the core technology of slate production and achieved full self-produced production.Professional billiards manufacturing equipment is used to achieve mechanization and standardization of production process.Tenshin has a professional and efficient talent team to achieve scientific personnel management and standardized quality inspection.
4.About the influence and popularity of our brand.
The agents of Tenshin cover all provinces in China. Moreover, Tenshin will hold billiards competitions regularly. At present, Chen Siming is its spokesman. Chen Siming, the winner of the World Women's Billiards Grand Slam, is the first Chinese player to win the world ranking first, and the first female player to win the World Billiards Association (WPA) Best Player of the Year award. She has won 28 world championships, and is the Chinese billiards player (including male players) with the largest number of world championships by December 2019.We have held billiards competitions in Guangzhou, Jiangxi, Shandong and other provinces. The contestants include Chen Siming and other well-known players. In addition, Tenshin is also the designated table brand of the 2022 Chinese billiards championship of China Billiards Association.
5.Purchase information
In view of the particularity of pool table, delivery, transportation, signature and so on are different from the general products. In order to ensure your rights and interests, please ask to read the following instructions carefully before you buy. Thanks for your cooperation!
① Interior space
The required space area of Chinese billiards table is as follows: about 2.85M*1.55M (plus 1.5M around the perimeter). Note: The above space size provides data for customers and is subject to change according to the actual situation.
② Specifications and weight
The cullinan billiard table is about 2.85M*1.55M*0.85M in outer diameter. It is a large item and must be delivered by logistics.
③ Confirmation of receipt
In order to protect the rights and interests of both buyers and sellers, please pick up the goods must be accepted in the face of the logistics company can be signed to take away, such as commodity damage or missing parts, please contact us, we will assist you to deal with all emergency problems. If the damage is found after receipt, the logistics company will not bear any responsibility, and all the costs incurred will be borne by the buyer.
④ Delivery time
Logistics transportation generally takes10-30 days, more anxious buyers please explain to Cullinan customer service, special cases will be urgent treatment.
6.what services can we provide?
Sales Service
Every product from manufacturing to delivery, must pass a strict inspection system, every product has been repeatedly inspected if you find any quality problems, please contact us, we are at your service.
Guarantee return: If the table is affected by performance faults such as cracked legs, serious deformation of large board, fire board foaming, loose glue edges, paint peeling, etc., please offer to return the table in question on the spot under the verification of the installation technician of the manufacturer, and the freight incurred by the return shall be borne by the manufacturer. The following circumstances are excluded: damage caused by intentional damage or force majeure; Without the company of the installation technician of the manufacturer, unpacking the damage and so on.(Professional identification videos should be provided when problems occur with Alibaba platform products.)
Replacement: if the table parts or accessories have quality problems that affect the use (not intentional damage), please put forward replacement on the spot under the manufacturer's installation technician verification.(Professional identification videos should be provided when problems occur with Alibaba platform products.)
Billiard table SLATE: Within three years from the date of sale, if the size and flatness of the SLATE exceed the following error range, or if the SLATE has cracking, fracture, leakage,dislocation, deformation and other quality problems that affect normal use, the company will replace the SLATE free of charge and bear the freight of related parts.
Special Note:
(1) SLATE belongs to natural products. Due to the geological structure and the different minerals contained in the SLATE, the surface of the SLATE may form patterns or mineral lines of different shades (quartz based white line, or yellow line containing metal components due to oxidation)
(2) Stone in the process of grinding to produce a certain thickness of ground or ground grain, the texture can enhance the adhesion between the stone and table/table cloth, in fact, it will not affect the plane of billiards;
* The above situation is normal, not the stone quality problem, and does not affect the use, not within the scope of quality assurance. Slab judgment should not be based on aesthetics, but should be based on the size and flatness of the slab.
In the event of replacement due to the above mentioned problems, the cost of replacement of new slabs, related freight and secondary installation costs will be borne by the buyer.
(3)Contract repair: The contract repair period of the main wooden part of the table is three years (starting from the date of the end of the installation and acceptance of the table).
Pool table wood & rubber strip: including pool table top, side board, foot and other wooden parts. The above parts in products sold within three years from the date of such as non-artificial damage of the natural environmental factors or are in the range of warranty, such as deformation cracks the company free of charge for repair(If there is a problem with the products purchased from Alibaba platform, video identification is required.), after maintenance, still cannot use normal or serious influence is beautiful, the company provided free of charge to change the new parts and bear the round-trip freight related parts.

The freight for product replacement and repair shall be borne by the customer

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