Automatic CNC template car seats pattern sewing machine for leather

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Product Overview


Automatic CNC template car seats pattern sewing machine for leather.


Product Character


1.   Efficient intelligent sewing: one button operation, fully automatic sewing of set patterns, no intervention in the whole process! Simple, fast, efficient and accurate! Everyone can work.

2.   High end sewing: patterns can follow the fashion trend and can be designed freely. There is no need to worry about the difficulty and accuracy of sewing! Intelligent formwork machine specially designed for ordinary workers.

3.   Easy to operate: easy to operate color touch screen, Chinese and English operation interface can be switched freely, and all functions are clear at a glance. Basic operations can be performed by pressing the key as illustrated in the figure.

4.   Template identification device: automatically identify the template, automatically identify the starting point of sewing, one key operation, in line with the standardized production process, and there is no need to worry about the novice!

5.   Programming is simple and convenient, and can be entered in USB flash disk: DXF and PLT graphics generated by garment CAD software can be directly used through the upper software. The recognition formats include DXF, PLT, DST & AI, which is simple and convenient.

6.   In addition, it can also be programmed directly by inserting USB flash disk to read graphics, or converted into a runnable program with upper software.

7.   Thread breakage detection function: ensure sewing quality!

8.   A wide range of fabrics can be sewn: both thin, medium and thick fabrics can be sewn.


Technical data


Item No:


Sewing rang :

1300mm X 900mm

Sewing speed:


Work holder lift:

25mm (max:30mm)

Stepping foot lift:


Stepping foot stoke:

4-10mm (Optional)

Hook :

Double capacity hook

Stitch Formation:

Single needle Lock Stitch

Motor :

750W direct drive servo motor

Memory device:


Stitch Length:


Needle :


Operation screen:

7 inch LCD touch control panel

Voltage :

Single phase 220-240V

Air pressure :

0.5Mpa 1.8L/min

Memory Card:

999 patterns

Max. needle number:

Each pattern 20,000 needles.

Packing size :






Detail Image


template 1


Scientific transmission structure, accurate, fast easy operation, low noise. Working area: 130x90cm, a new design for leather automatic perforation punching hole and sewing function template industrial sewing machine. 


13090 template 6


With 7 inch LED colorful touch screen, clear & good using.



13090 template 4


Great wisdom, multi-purpose, small footprint, multi-function. The precise automatic control unit can perfectly sew the straight line, right angle, circle, arc and other sewing stitching lines in the garment & leather upholstery process.


13090 template 2


According to the sewing process to prepare a good template file, just press a start button, the automatic template machine will follow the program automatically and quickly complete a set of sewing process, do not need to be like traditional sewing equipment to adjust the feed.


13090 template 3


Light and convenient, easy to move, suitable for intelligent sewing of related parts in garment car interior, seat cover, sofa, living room lether etc leather upholstery production.


8045 hook


Shuttle/hook: double shuttle/hook, reduce the number of bottom thread replacement, good hardness and wear resistance.


13090 template 5



Guide rail components: high quality linear guide rail, stable and smooth operation, wear-resistant and durable, no displacement.


template 4

After the template file is written according to the sewing process, just press a start button, and the automatic template machine will automatically and quickly complete a whole set of sewing process according to the program.


13090 template 4

In the automatic sewing process of the template machine, the operator can also simultaneously clamp the fabric in the template to realize continuous automatic sewing, which greatly improves the production efficiency.


template 2


Foldable table is convenient for moving and transportation.



 perforation 3


Perforation punching hole and stitching line show: punching hole diameter: 0.8mm, 1.0mm, & 1.2mm for option.


punching hole sample


Punching of automobile speaker.


perforation 1


Stitching thickness: 15mm foam + leather. Perfect beautiful stitching lines.


perforation 4


If you like it, please act quickly and order immediately!



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Application display


Especially suitable for lean production of clothing assembly line intelligent sewing unit. Such as collar, cuff, epaulette and zipper. T-shirt, uniform, down jacket, coat etc.

It is also good for sewing shoes, bags, suitcase, clothes, textiles, leather bags, footwear, belts, car decoration, sofa & furniture, etc. With big sewing area and extensive usage. It is competitive in productivity and cost effectiveness, which improves productivity by 100% - 300%


big area applicationpattern sewing mahcine 1



Company Information


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Q1. Are you a factory?
  Re. Yes.  we are both a trading company an
d a factory, and we only focus on excellence sewing machine.

Q2.How about your machine quality?

  Re. I cannot answer to you from our side. But our customer said to us our machine quality is good and high, use it about two years no change voice and vibration. After you use it, you will more understand our quality.

Q3. How about your price?

  Re. Our price not expensive, but also not very cheap, in general, quality is better than price

Q4. How long could your sewing machine be used?
  Re. Generally, more than 6 years.

Q5. What is the shipping port?
  Re. We ship the goods via Guangzhou port or as you like

Q6. How about payment ?

  Re. At beginning cooperation, 100% TT in advance, or LC at sight for big amount order , after we have good cooperation, we will try to accept DP OR DA payment

Q7. Can you do OEM or ODM for us?

  Re. Yes, of course, and we also can do all kinds of the sewing machine by customized. 

Q8. Can you supply spare parts?

  Re. Yes, of course we can.

Q9.  What guarantee you can supply ?

Re: Limited spare parts one-year guarantee, not including quick-wear parts, like needle, hook, needle plate.




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