Redfy Full Body Pain Relief Skin Care Beauty 660nm 850nm Near Infrared Led Red PDT Light Therapy Panel Machine Device

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High Powered Home Use:
Red light therapy used to be limited to expensive salons and clinics but now thanks to high powered, energy efficient and affordable LEDs, all the benefits of red light therapy can now be achieved at home in just minutes a day. Much like we need nutrients from food and water, our bodies need light to function optimally as well.

Specific & Proven Wavelengths:
Our light therapy devices use clinically proven wavelengths of red and near infrared light at 660 (red) and 850 (near infrared) nanometers in a 1:1 ratio for the perfect light therapy treatment. These wavelengths are ideal for skin health, increased blood flow, enhanced recovery, improved mental clarity, pain relief, sleep optimization and more!

High Irradiance:
When it comes to light therapy, irradiance is key. Through the use of extra powerful dual chip 5w medical LEDs, this device delivers 143mW/cm2 at 3 inches. With irradiance like that, you can be sure you are getting an effective, efficient amount of light to your body when using the device.

Help Muscle Soreness, Reduces Pain and etc. Boost Energy, Better Sports Performance, Helps Build Muscle, Increases Strength. Helps Deeper Sleep, Reduces Anxiety and let you feel happy every day! Red light therapy device has excellent capacity in treating conditions presenting in animals.

Two Year Warranty & Customer Service:
We also offer a 2-3 year warranty and friendly customer service. If any issues were to arise with the panel that were not a result of misuse, we will happily either replace the panel or repair it for you.

Model No.
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LED Quantity
100PCS x 5W 
150PCS x 5W
200PCS x 5W
300PCS x 5W
LED Power
Input Voltage
AC100-265V 50/60Hz
AC100-265V 50/60Hz
(Or customized )
(Or customized )
(Or customized )
(Or customized )
0.0 µT @ 4”
0.0 µT @ 4”
0.0 µT @ 4”
0.0 µT @ 4”
36" x 12" x 2.6"
3 years
3 years
3 years
3 years
Best For
Targeted Treatment 
Targeted Treatment
Full Body
Full Body
Package Include
1* Red light therapy panel
1* Remote controller
1*RJ11 Digital Link Cable
1*Remote control
1*Instruction Manual
1*Power Link Cable
1*Mounting Hardware
1*Adjustable Rope Hanging Kit
1*Door Hanging Kit
OEM detail
Logo, packaging, LED wavelength(610nm 630nm, 810nm,830nm), plug, etc.

Everyone Needs Healthy Light, But Most People Don’t Get Enough
Light Therapy Supports a Wide Range of Systemic Health Benefits

Light therapy is a rare treatment that really is one-size-fits-all. Whether you’re an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, a busy mom, or a senior trying to stay active, you can benefit from more healthy light in your life.

Light is essential for our health and cellular function, just like water, sleep, and the nutrients from food. The human body is designed to function with an abundance of natural sunlight, but with our modern lifestyles, most people don’t get nearly enough light every day. The average people spends over 90% of their time indoors. That’s not nearly enough natural light for optimal health and balance! Worse yet, much of the time we spend indoors is filled with bright blue light from screens and overhead lighting, which can have a negative effect on sleep and circadian rhythms.

Light Therapy Delivers Healthy Light in Your Home

Light therapy is an easy way to add healthy light to your life, in the comfort of your home, at any time of day, no matter the weather or season. An in-home light therapy device like a Redfy treats your body with red and near infrared (NIR) wavelengths of light, delivered directly to your skin and cells.

Redfy Treatments are Quick, Simple, and Non-Invasive: Light therapy is quick: Redfy recommends 10-20 minutes per treatment area. It’s also super easy: all you have to do is sit or stand in front of the device and your body & cells take in the light. Redfy treatments are also completely non-invasive and don’t include any ultra violet (UV) rays.

Save Thousands
A single LED light therapy session ranges from about $25 to $85, depending on your area of the country and whether you’re combining it with other treatments.
Redfy Home LED kits can cost from $19 to $390 or more.

Redfy Red Light Therapy Benefits

Enhanced Cellular Function and ATP Energy Production: In conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, light therapy treatments can have systemic benefits because they work by improving cellular health across the entire body.

Inflammation and Pain Relief: Light therapy treatments help your body’s natural inflammation process as you recover from illness or injury.

Red light therapy also supports arthritis and joint pain relief by improving blood flow to damaged tissues.

Improved Blood Flow: One of the potential benefits of light therapy is a significant increase in blood circulation following treatment sessions. This indicates tissues are receiving more oxygen and other nutrients that are important for healing. At the same time, light helps the body and circulatory system rid itself of toxic byproducts.

Sleep Optimization: Healthy light intake is essential for sleep and maintaining natural circadian rhythms. Our brains interpret light as a sign of when to be awake and asleep, and when to make crucial sleep hormones like melatonin. Bright blue light at night can knock your sleep cycle out of whack, but red light is a lower-intensity alternative that can help support longer, more restful sleep.

Recovery, Healing, and Performance: Light therapy is widely used by trainers and pro athletes to improve fitness, boost physical performance, and support the recovery process. Muscle cells require a great deal of energy, and grow and strengthen through a process of tears and repairs. Light therapy helps your body produce and use energy more efficiently. Supporting circulation and inflammation reduction with light therapy can also help you heal and recover after injuries and workouts.

Skin Health and Beauty: Taking in healthy light is crucial for skin health. Red and NIR light promotes balance across the body and skin by enhancing cellular respiration, making energy production more efficient, with less oxidative stress.

Why Choose Redfy Red Light Therapy?
Pain-free: Red light therapy causes no pain. In fact, it is known to temporarily relieve pain as well as speed up healing time.

Drug and chemical free: The fact that red light therapy involves no drugs or chemicals whatsoever is a huge plus. The typical risks and side effects that come with drug and chemical exposure are not an issue in red light therapy.

Allows for adjunct treatment: Often, people don’t find adequate relief or results from any one particular therapy, be it medication or a procedure or a lifestyle change. One particularly helpful feature of red light therapy is that it does not conflict or interact with most other treatments.

Non-invasive: Red light therapy requires nothing invasive. The light is applied to the outside of the body. Sometimes, surgeries or other invasive procedures are unavoidable. But at least those using red light therapy don’t have to deal with invasive procedures to use it.

Non-ablative: While some laser treatments are ablative, meaning they involve damaging tissue, red light therapy is non-ablative. This means that on average, has fewer risks and side effects. It is more gentle and safe and it requires zero downtime.

It’s natural: Red light therapy causes reactions on a cellular level that make your own body heal itself.

Redfy Red Light Therapy
Redfy is one of leading manufacturer of professional manufacturer of LED therapy lights with mature R&D team and experienced engineers in China. Specializes in manufacturing and exporting light and near infrared light led therapy device and home use wearable led pad.

Redfy is one of our red & near infrared light therapy device brand. Redfy's LED light therapy sells to 100+ countries such as US, Canada, UK, Italy, Germany, Finland, Australia, Mexico, Japan etc. We have passed ISO CE, RoHS, FCC etc. certificates.

Redfy continuously optimize the production process. The organized production management and quality control system enables us to be your reliable supplier and partner, offering top quality and modern large-scale production with low costs and in high efficiency. Innovation is our life blood. We try to keep pace with latest red light therapy device development trend and seek for the cooperation to develop more and more new and competitive products.

Redfy provide OEM and ODM services. Help our customers to build up their own Brand and to become more competitive in their market.

Everyone care about health. And Redfy committed to developing more new technologies to solve problems for personal health. We believe Redfy will bring health and beauty to more and more people.

Redfy treasure every opportunities cooperating with customers from all over the world and will keep supplying much better products with diversified designs and professional services. We are looking forward to inquiries and suggestions from all the old and new customers. Sincerely welcome friends from all over the world to visit our company and cooperate with us on the basis of long-term and mutual benefit business relationship.

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