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Tamba Black Free-Range Chicken Rice Mix

The stock for this rice mix series was carefully created by a long-standing kelp shop in Osaka.
All you have to do is mix it into cooked rice, so anyone can easily make chicken mixed rice.
The chicken is free-range chicken from Tamba.

What is Tamba free-range chicken?
With excellent fleshiness and meat quality, it's considerably larger than a normal chicken.
The texture is moderately firm. It also has a deeply rich taste and umami.
The stock is a blend of the flavors of 6 different stock ingredients made in Japan.

【How to prepare】
Mix into two servings of cooked rice and enjoy.

Allergy information:
Contains wheat, soy, chicken, and seafood

Allergen contamination warning:

【Recommended for the following customers】
Restaurant managers, supermarkets, Japanese goods wholesalers

We also work with OEMs of sealed packaged foods and health foods.
We excel in product development. We also do PB development.
Please feel free to inquire.

• This is the kind of product we want to make!
• We will fulfill your request promptly starting with a small lot. You can also specify pills.
• We will support you all the way from considering ingredients to manufacturing, package design, and sales.

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 Black Free-Range Chicken Rice Mix
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Company Profile

Maikon no Kohara Co., Ltd.
We are a company that manufactures various health food products, including "maikon," a salted kelp-based fermented food product made from fermenting and aging kelp, as well as various creative tsukudani and supplements.
We carry over 70 types of products in our "maikon" series, including products that have been awarded the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Award and the Director-General of the Fisheries Agency Award.
We utilize our fermentation technology to manufacture supplements upon request and harness the viscous components in kelp to develop industrial products, cosmetic ingredients, and food-grade prints for food products.

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